Used Mitsubishi Pajeros are easy to find, but are they safe buys? We explain

The Indian used vehicle market is now full of options of different makes and models. Many of these vehicles are quite irresistible, especially if you’re an off-road enthusiast. Mitsubishi Pajero is one such common name in the used vehicle market, which is available at a fraction of the price of the new Toyota Fortuner of the Ford Endeavour. Many well-maintained Mitsubishi Pajero SUVs are priced at around Rs. 6.5 lakhs we have even combed through the listed used car vehicles to bring three choices, which highlight the availability of such well-maintained Pajero SUVs in the Indian used car markets.

Used Mitsubishi Pajeros are easy to find, but are they safe buys? We explain

Mitsubishi Pajero at Rs. 5.26 lakh in Jaipur, Mitsubishi Pajero at Rs. 5.75 lakh in Mumbai, Mitsubishi Pajero for Rs. 5.45 lakh in Delhi

Now almost all the Mitsubishi Pajero variants and models available in the Indian market are in exceptional condition. However, there are a lot of pros and cons linked with these SUVs. What are they and what should you keep in mind while buying these vehicles? Well, here is a detailed list of strengths and weaknesses of the used Mitsubishi Pajero available in the market and a better alternative, if any.

Simple and rugged

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a simple, no non-sensical SUV that offers a simple design and is very sturdy. Mitsubishi Pajero can take a lot of abuse and has a robust ladder frame chassis. The SUV is known for its durability and can outlive many other vehicles if given proper care.

A daily rider that can go anywhere

Most capable off-roading vehicles are not comfortable enough to be used as a regular vehicle. However, the Mitsubishi Pajero offers the 4X4 drive system with selectable low-ratio gear. This makes the Pajero extremely capable. The high approach and departure angle with a high lean over angle makes the Pajero a go-anywhere vehicle. But that does not mean that it loses out on comfort. The Mitsubishi Pajero is an extremely comfortable vehicle that can be used as a daily car for regular commutes.

A great street presence

Used Mitsubishi Pajeros are easy to find, but are they safe buys? We explain

The Pajero has been around in the Indian market for a long time now, and it is quite easily recognisable on the road. It gets huge dimensions that can stand out in the sea of vehicles on the road and can intimidate other vehicles too. The Mitsubishi Pajero offers a commanding road view and has a compelling road presence.

A good value for money in the used car market

Mitsubishi Pajero was mostly bought by the enthusiasts who knew how to keep the vehicle in top notch condition. However, a higher rate of depreciation ensured that mostly all the Pajero SUVs are available at a great deal in the market. This one makes the Pajero an irresistible choice.

All you need a friendly neighbourhood mechanic

To ensure that your previously-owned Mitsubishi Pajero stays in top-notch condition, all you need is a friendly neighbourhood mechanic who loves the Pajero as much as you do. The old Mitsubishi Pajero was not built around computers like the modern day SUVs. One does not need specialised software to mend these Pajero SUVs. All you need is a friendly mechanic who is willful to work around the problem by following the good old method of getting the hands dirty and greasy.

But it is not all rosy and good. There are a lot of weaknesses that can bog you down quickly when you start living with a used Mitsubishi Pajero.


Used Mitsubishi Pajeros are easy to find, but are they safe buys? We explain

Maintenance is not very difficult for the old Pajero SUVs but getting the spare parts can be a pain. The spare parts are very rare in India, and often one has to order from the international markets. So if you cannot predict the part failure well in advance, you will have to wait for the spare part to arrive, which may take days to weeks depending on the source or origin. It will mean a lot of downtimes whenever the vehicle breaks down, and a crucial spare part fails.

Non-existant service network of Mitsubishi

Living with a used Pajero would not be a regular affair where you can drop the vehicle to an authorised service centre and get it back soon after. Mitsubishi India has very limited service support, and the number of service centres is minuscule too. You have to find a trustable mechanic if you want to live a happy life with the Pajero.

Will not find a “moderately” used Pajero

Most of the used Mitsubishi Pajero SUVs in the market that is attractively priced will come with an odometer reading more than 1 lakh km. While the mechanicals of the vehicle is solid and it can gather more than a few lakh km reading on the odometer, a lot of preventive maintenance is needed to keep the vehicle running in top-notch condition. It will require much more attention than relatively new vehicles in the market, which means maintaining it will need a lot of capital.

Risk of ban

Vehicles of national capital region of India are already facing bans on old vehicles. While petrol vehicles older than 15 years are banned on the roads of the national capital, diesel vehicles only get to live for ten years. Such bans may get adopted by other states too. This means that the old Pajero will have a shorter lifespan due to such bans.


Used Mitsubishi Pajeros are easy to find, but are they safe buys? We explain

The used Mitsubishi Pajero SUVs are a great buy especially for the enthusiasts and people who know their way around cars. For living with it, one needs to have spare time and money to spend on it but no doubt, it will be a unique and memorable experience. However, people who want a more comfortable life with their used SUV and want to get vehicles with an affordable price tag in the used car market with similar characteristics of the Pajero, the first-generation Toyota Fortuner can be a great choice.

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