This off-road beast is a heavily modified Mahindra MM 540 and it’s up for sale

The Mahindra MM540 is widely regarded as the grandfather of the Mahindra Thar by many. It was followed by the MM550 which later on gave way for the current generation Thar that will be replaced by an all-new model next year. Now the MM540 is a 90s model and hence not many of them are seen on the roads today. The hardcore off-roader you see below, however, is a heavily modified vehicle based on the Mahindra MM540. It is a 1991 model of the MM 540 and has been given a whole new body and shape. The best part? It is available for sale with an asking price of Rs. 8.0 lakh. If you are interested, you can take a look at the advertisement posted by its seller here.

Mm 540 Mod 4

Not only this modified MM540 look menacing but it also has the sort of mechanicals which enables it to thrash the wild terrain without a hiccup. The chassis of this car has been shortened as well as strengthened to improve its stability and performance. The older engine has been replaced with an all-new unit now, which is a 2.6 litre turbocharged inter engine. Apart from this, it also gets a Mercedes Benz sourced power steering according to its seller. A new, more powerful engine also requires a bigger radiator and hence the same has been equipped on his vehicle.

Mm 540 Mod 2

Moving on, this modified MM540 is equipped with upgraded brakes and discs at the front. The gearbox used on this build is a KMT 90 4wd Gearbox while the car also gets a 43:10 crown and pinion actuator. The vehicle runs on Master craft 35 /12.50 /15 Tyre’s shod on 8J steel Rims. Inside, this Jeep gets a 6 point roll cage along with air conditioning and rally seats finished in a shade of blue. Four-point seat belts have been placed to enhance safety while tackling the rough terrain.

Mm 540 Mod Interiors

As already mentioned, the bodywork on this heavily modified Jeep is all new and has been finished in a shade of silver. It further gets LSD converted locker in the back housing along with heavy duty shock absorbers from Land Rover. Bigger leaf set’s, 52 Led light bar and a snorkel air intake are some of the other changes made to this vehicle.

Mm 540 Mod

To improve the performance and help the engine to breathe better, a Hitachi air filter has been installed here which enables better air intake. The bumpers on both the front and the rear end are custom-built units and there is a heavy-duty winch mounted on the front bumper. The seller is offering all paperwork for this car and claims that it is insured as of now. It has an odometer reading of 13,315 km and if you are in the market for a hard core used off-roader, this might be the one for you.