Modified Tata Sierra with gullwing doors for sale: CHEAPER than a Yamaha r15

Tata Sierra is undoubtedly an iconic SUV. Even though it did not do well in the market, many experts and enthusiasts think that the Sierra was launched way ahead of its time. Well, even though not too many Tata Sierra SUVs were sold in the market, there are quite a few options available in the used car market. Tata Sierra is owned mostly by enthusiast customers and many of them modify the car extensively. Here is one such example of Tata Sierra that has been modified extensively and the car is for sale too.

This is the 1997 Tata Sierra, which makes it more than two decades old but the condition of the car seems to be quite good. The pictures show the vehicle from all around and there are no signs of dents or scratches on the body. The car is located in Kottayam, Kerala but the seller has not shared the odometer reading of the car. However, the post mentions that the car is in a top-notch condition and the engine is also in great condition.

Since it is a very old car, the registration of the car has been renewed recently for five more years. After the original registration of a vehicle expires in India, you can extend it multiple times for a duration of five years. subject to fitness test of the vehicle. Since it has gone through a fitness test recently, there should not be much of a reliability problem for the vehicle.

However, the car is not in stock condition. Tata Sierra was only available in a two-door variant in India. That was one of the reasons for the unpopularity of the vehicle in India, which is a market majorly dominated by customers who look for a family car. According to the details and the pictures, it has been modified to add an extra fly door on one of the sides of the vehicle. So the rear passengers can enter the vehicle easily through that fly door or semi-gullwing styled door. The body has been cut and hydraulics have been placed to lift the door upwards in the vehicle. This sure is a neat looking modifications and makes the car look unique too. There are many such Tata Sierra SUVs with similar modifications.

The seller has mentioned that he is ready to exchange this Sierra with any low-budget petrol cars like Maruti 800, Mitsubishi Lancer, old Honda City and similar cars. The car is priced at only Rs 1.45 lakhs, which makes it cheaper than the most affordable vehicle in the Indian market right now – the Alto 800. This price also makes the modified Sierra cheaper than the Yamaha R15 motorcycle, which retails at around Rs. 1.5 lakh.  Also, additional information on the post mentions that the AC has been serviced recently so there should not be any cooling problems too. If you’re interested in this SUV, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.