Watch Nissan 1-Ton get beautifully restored: Pick-up truck now for sale!

Nissan One ton is a very car or SUV that was once used by Indian Army. It was a hardcore SUV that was built to deal with toughest of the terrains. It is also known as one ton JONGA which stands for Jabalpur Ordnance and Guncarriage Assembly. It was manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. It is now a very rare car and a collector’s item. Former captain of Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni had bought one in the past. Here we have a video of an old Nissan 1-ton getting beautifully restored. This particular example is actually available for sale as well.

The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing the condition of the vehicle when it had arrived at the workshop. The truck had a chassis and some parts of what is known as the body of the truck. There was no engine in the car when it had arrived. Many of the panels had rust including the chassis of the car.

The workers start by separating all the components on the vehicle. According to the vlogger, it took them around 10-12 days to separate everything from the frame. Once that was done, they start working on the frame of the truck. In a way there was nothing left on the vehicle and it was like building a new vehicle from scratch. Rust was there on the chassis of the truck and that was first thing, they worked on. Once that was resolved, the whole chassis was painted with a coat of primer to protect from rusting.

After the chassis, they started working on the front of the truck. The bonnet, the fenders were all redone. The front bumper was all rusted  and they had to build a brand new one from scratch. They also installed a large front grille which was also not present when this one ton had arrived at the shop.

Once the front was done, they chopped body of an old Mahindra Bolero and welded it together with the chassis of Jonga. As mentioned above, this is a pickup truck and it had a loading area at the rear. The loading bay was also created using metal sheet from scratch. It was similar to the original one that comes with Jonga. The front windshield was chopped away and a custom made unit that sits well with the Mahindra body was installed on the truck.

Meanwhile, a scrapped Nissan JONGA engine was found and was completely repaired. The engine was then installed in the car. The interiors on this truck are all redone. The dashboard is from a Mahindra Thar and it continues to get 4×4. The seats are custom made units with black and red combination for the upholstery. There is a touchscreen infotainment screen and speakers set on the doors. The whole truck gets a matte black paint job with red accents at several places.

The work on this Nissan one ton was carried out by Firoz Khan and his workers and they had worked and finished this project during the lockdown last year. The work done on this Nissan looks neat. The video does not mention the price of this truck but, interested buyers can get in touch with the seller on 9977060536.