BEAUTIFULLY modified, off-road spec Mahindra CJ3B Jeep for sale: CHEAPER than Maruti Brezza

Off-roading culture in India is not as popular as they are in many other countries. Still, there are many enthusiasts who take a serious inclination towards off-roading and have made related changes to their vehicles too. An off-road spec SUV requires a lot of thoughtful modifications but if you want a ready-made car, here is one for sale. This Mahindra CJ3B Jeep has been customised by R&T Auto Catalyst and has some impressive work done to it. The price of the car is Rs. 11 lakhs, which makes it cheaper than many top-end sub-4m compact SUVs such as the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and the Hyundai Venue.

The modification list to this modified Jeep that started its life as a Mahindra CJ3B is long. Even the engine and transmission have been updated to ensure that it delivers optimum performance when it goes off-road.

The seller has mentioned that it is a new body that has been painted thoroughly to ensure a long life. This SUV also gets a Direct Injection turbocharged diesel engine from Mahindra that is known for its longevity and sturdiness. Basically, these engines can survive lakhs of kilometres without any problem. The modification also includes a new NGT250 transmission, which can take a lot of abuse.

The front of the vehicle is housing from a pick-up truck while the rear is housing from Mahindra 550. It has been modified as per the off-road requirements. The body gets a roll cage too, which will ensure that any topple and overturn is safe for the occupants. On the inside, it gets new seats too.

Now, talking about the off-roading equipment, it gets front Lamda locker. Both front and rear differentials of the SUV get a guard that saves it from any kind of damage. Even the fuel tank is guarded with an extra layer to protect it from leaking. There is a slow an 8,000 lbs winch with synthetic rope. The front gets the leaf springs from Thar DI while the rear gets carbon fibre leaf. The vehicle also gets rock slider and a rear pintle hook. It gets completely new wiring and a new battery. The power steering unit comes from Mercedes Benz. There are five new 31-inch Mud Terrain tyres mounted on alloy wheels.

The body gets soundproofing and rustproofing for long life. Also, there is a new design soft canvas on the body with tube doors that are very useful during off-roading. The seller has mentioned that this vehicle gets all the paperwork and documents in place but you should know that such modifications are not road legal. For more information and details, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.