Pre-owned Audi Q5 & BMW 5-series luxury cars selling for less than Rs 10 lakh

In the used car market, number of luxury cars are increasing day by day. People have shown interest in well maintained pre-owned luxury cars because of its attractive price tags. In the past we have featured several examples of well maintained pre-owned luxury cars, that are being sold at the price of a regular mid-size hatchback or sedan. Value of luxury cars depreciate very fast and that is the reason why we have seen several luxury cars being sold at compelling prices. Here we have a video that shows a pre-owned Audi Q5 SUV and a BMW 5-series sedan being sold at a price less than Rs 10 lakh.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their youtube channel. The seller starts by showing the exterior and interior condition of the vehicles. He then mentions the model, fuel type and the asking price of the vehicle. The seller starts with Audi’s Q5 SUV. It is a silver colour SUV which looks pretty good from outside. There are minor scratches on the body but that is mentioned by the seller in the video. The car is all original and does not have any major dents or scratches.

It gets projector type headlamps, LED DRLs, front and rear parking sensors, headlight washer, alloy wheels, all LED tail light and so on. On the inside, it gets an all-black interior with company with entertainment system, black leather seats, electrically adjustable seat, wooden panel inserts on the door and dashboard etc. Overall, the car looks well maintained from inside and there no major wear tear seen on the upholstery as well. Coming to the details, the Audi Q5 shown here is a 2011 model deisel SUV. The Audi Q5 has done approximately 74,000 kms on the odometer and is currently registered in Delhi. The asking price for this well maintained Audi Q5 SUV is Rs 9.75 lakh.

Pre-owned Audi Q5 & BMW 5-series luxury cars selling for less than Rs 10 lakh

Next car on sale here is the BMW 5-series. It is actually a 530d and is different from the ones that we have seen on sale in the past. The sedan is grey in colour and the condition of the car from outside looks pretty neat. There are no major scratches or dents seen on the sedan. What makes this 5-series different from the others that we have seen in the past is a feature. There is a night vision camera installed on this camera which shows feed on the company fitted screen inside the car.

Apart from that, it gets original BMW alloy wheels with almost new tyres. The car is all well maintained and no modifications are done to it. On the inside, it gets a black and beige dual tone interiors. There are wooden inserts on the door panels, dashboard and the center console. The seats are all covered with beige colour leather upholstery and there are features like electric sunroof, electronic parking brake, electrically adjustable seats, company fitted screen, dual zone climate control, manual  window curtains and so on. Coming to the details, this is a 2010 model diesel sedan that has done approximately 73,000 kms on the odometer. The car is currently registered in Maharashtra and the asking price for this well maintained luxury sedan is Rs 6.95 lakh only.