1994 model, well-maintained Premier 118 NE for sale

PAL or Premier Automobiles Limited was a very popular car brand in Indian market. They had models like Padmini and 118 NE in their portfolio. Both the models were popular among celebrities in the late 80s. The 118 NE was actually an upgrade for people who were using Padmini. It was based on the Fiat 124 and was a very commonly spotted car on our road. These cars are not manufactured in the market anymore and we have several well kept, restored or modified examples of Premier 118 NE around the country. Here we have one such well kept 118 NE which is actually available for sale.

The post of this Premier 118 NE has been posted SaRath CoPs on Classic Cars India Facebook group. The post describes the current condition of the car and also shares the pictures. From the pictures, the car looks in pretty good condition. The car is currently located in Kerala and according to the post, the car seen in the pictures is a 1994 model Premier 118 NE. The car looks extremely good considering the fact that it is over two decades old.

The grey colour on the body of the car has not lost its shine and the owner even mentions it in the post that the 95 percent of the car has its original paint. The owner has painted the underbody of the car with an anti rut coating from 3M and the whole car was recently serviced as well. The car has the same old steel dish type hub caps with white strips on the wall. There are no major dents or scratches visible on the car in pictures.

The owner also mentions that the rear tail lamps have been replaced with aftermarket LED units and the car is currently with its second owner. The owner has installed a high end music system and has also done damping in the car and has a slightly redesigned interior as well. The Premier 118 NE gets new floor mats and has done approximately 24,000 kms on the odometer. As mentioned, it was recently serviced and all the four tyres are new. This is a petrol engine car and it has a fancy number (118) as well.

The papers of this Premier 118 NE is all clear and has a fitness certificate till December 2024. The car even has a valid insurance. The asking price for this well kept Premier 118 NE petrol in Rs 3.30 lakh. This Premier 118 NE is powered by a 1171-cc, engine that generated 52 Hp and 79 Nm of torque. It was available with a manual gearbox. Later in 1996, Premier introduced a 1.38D diesel version also in the market.

The car looks in very good condition. There are couple of things that should be kept in mind while buying such old cars. These cars are not in production anymore and if something goes wrong with the vehicle, the parts will be a bit difficult to find. Buying an old classic car may sound good to many but, it is a time and money consuming process and is not meant for everyone. Interested buyers can get in touch with the seller by clicking here.