Prices of used Skoda cars in Mumbai: Trends on Fabia, Rapid and Laura

Skoda is one brand that has had a bit of a patchy run in India. Skoda makes well-built cars and has even got a premium image in India. However, not all Skoda cars hold their resale value that well.

As part of our series on used cars in India, we explore the prices of used Skoda cars in Mumbai, a city where resale values are usually on the higher side. After sifting through used car listings of multiple databases for the month of February, here are general trends we’ve found for used car listings in Mumbai for Skoda cars.

Skoda currently makes five models in India, while its earlier model the Octavia continues to be widely available in the used car market.

Used Skoda Fabia cars in Mumbai

Prices of used Skoda cars in Mumbai: Trends on Fabia, Rapid and Laura

The Skoda Fabia is one of the most spacious cars in its segment, but has not been selling well. It comes in both petrol and diesel engine choices now, with a 1.2 litre three-cylinder petrol and 1.2 litre three-cylinder diesel putting out 75 bhp of power. The Fabia has good boot space and interior space, with a relatively big car feel. However, its pricing is a bit premium compared to popular premium hatches like the Maruti Swift, and it loses out on features when compared to the Hyundai i20. Resale value too is not that high, especially for the older 1.4 litre petrol Fabia that was discontinued in 2010. Also read: Used cars under Rs. 3 lakh in Mumbai

We found 44 listings in our data for used Skoda Fabia’s in Mumbai for the month of February 2013. Here’s what the trends indicate.

Prices of used Skoda Fabia

Model 2007: Rs. 3.45 lakh – Rs. 4.15 lakh

Model 2008: Rs. 2.50 lakh – Rs. 4.15 lakh

Model 2009: Rs. 3.65 lakh – Rs. 4.25 lakh

Model 2010: Rs. 4.45 lakh – Rs. 4.85 lakh

Model 2011: Rs. 3.99 lakh (petrol) – Rs. 5.5 lakh (diesel).

Diesel cars generally had a much higher resale value compared to petrol cars listed. Case in point, a 2011 model petrol Fabia that had done 28,000 km at Rs. 3.99 lakh compared to a 2011 model diesel Fabia with 18,000 km at Rs. 5.75 lakh.

Used Skoda Rapid in Mumbai

Prices of used Skoda cars in Mumbai: Trends on Fabia, Rapid and Laura

The Skoda Rapid is a very new car and there are very few on the used car market. We found only about five listings for Mumbai for 2012 model cars. Average price for the base diesel Rapid with about 8000 km on the odometer was Rs. 8 lakh. For a diesel Rapid Ambition variant with 28,000 km on the odometer, the asking price was Rs. 8.25 lakh. A petrol automatic Rapid Ambition also had an indicated price of Rs. 7.95 lakh, about Rs. 2 lakh off its original price. Also see: Checklist for buying a used Honda City 

Used Skoda Laura in Mumbai

Prices of used Skoda cars in Mumbai: Trends on Fabia, Rapid and Laura

The Skoda Laura was launched in 2005, first alongside and then replacing the Skoda Octavia eventually. The Laura has fairly good resale value, especially those with manual transmission diesel engines. The automatic diesel variants though seem to have much lower resale value.

Prices of used Skoda Laura

Model 2006: Rs. 4.85 lakh – Rs 6.50 lakh

Model 2007: Rs. 5.25 lakh – Rs. 7 lakh

Model 2008: Rs. 6.55 lakh – Rs. 8.20 lakh

Model 2009: Rs. 8.75 lakh – Rs. 10.15 lakh

Model 2010: Rs. 7.75 lakh – Rs. 11.99 lakh

The lower price for the later model 2010 version is for the petrol 1.8 TSI, which is a fun to drive car, but does not have great resale value on account of fuel efficiency. The higher prices for older models are for the diesels.

The most number of used Skoda cars found were for the Laura model, besides a few listings for the older Octavia, which can now be bought for under Rs. 4.5 lakh. If you are looking for a used Skoda car in Mumbai, do remember to check the odometer, as many of these cars show abnormally low mileage figures for cars that are six years old. Also read: Prices of used Toyota cars in Mumbai