Pristinely maintained Mercedes-Benz S-Class for sale: CHEAPER than Honda City

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is an easily identifiable vehicle when it comes to luxury cars. In fact, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a highly regarded vehicle in the market and there are many who dream of this very same vehicle. There are numerous celebrities who have the S-Class their choice of wheels and these vehicles can keep on going for a lifetime if they are maintained properly. Well, we all know how the depreciation works, especially on the used cars whose value come down quite rapidly. Here is an S-Class, which has gone through the same and is currently priced lower than a brand-new Honda City. The asking price of the model is only Rs 10.99 lakh.

S Class 2

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class seen here has been posted on the Facebook Marketplace. It is a 2009 model and the location of the car is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to the advert, the vehicle is still used by the first owner. The odometer reading of the vehicle has not been mentioned though. It should be noted that from the pictures, the vehicle seems like in a perfect condition. There are no scratches on the body or any kind of dents and rust.

S Class 5

The car seen in the pictures gets powered b a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine. It generates a massive 365 Bhp. Being a petrol vehicle, the S-Class will return a relatively low fuel economy but the kind of smoothness and cabin quietness it offers is unmatched. Especially none of the cars available of Rs 10 lakh in the market can recreate it. Other factory-installed features in the car include leather seats, front and rear electrically operated seats, front and rear seat ventilation, individual rear-seat entertainment system and more such features. The advertisement also mentions that the car seen here has not ever met with an accident.

S Class 1

Since it is a ten-year-old car, the cabin gets the retro design. It offers a wooden insert all through the dashboard and there are no touchscreen infotainment systems like modern cars. However, even the interior of the car looks very well-maintained and in proper shape. It looks really classy with the wooden inserts on the steering wheel, dashboard and the car door panels.

S Class 6

Interested customers can contact the seller directly at +91-9768991996. For verification, one can always ask for the service history of the vehicle. Even the authorised service centres of the brand will have the service records of the car. Also, one should be aware that there is no OEM-warranty on the car, which means that anything that goes wrong will have to be taken care off by the new owner of the car. Nonetheless, these vehicles can outlive their owners if maintained properly and driven smoothly. It sure is a deal that many would not be able to resist.