Pre-owned Range Rover Evoque luxury SUV selling cheaper than a Hyundai Creta

The used market is gaining popularity in our country. While most people settle for regular hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, now you can also buy luxury vehicles at quite a cheap price. The prices of these cars are very tempting that a buyer might settle for a used luxury vehicle instead of a new executive sedan or a SUV. We have already covered a lot of luxury cars that are selling at a cheap price. Well, here is a Range Rover Evoque SUV that is selling cheaper than a top-end Hyundai Creta.

The video is uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. The video showcases a white Range Rover Evoque which is an entry-level SUV from Land Rover. It competes against the likes of BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Volvo XC40 but the Evoque gives you a special feeling of exclusivity. This is because you will not see a lot of Evoques on the Indian roads.

The SUV in the video comes with sleek projector headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lamps. This design has become a staple for the Land Rover design. The “Range Rover” badging and the grille is finished in silver colour and it also comes with fog lamps. The host says that there are some scratches on the bumper, but the bonnet is scratchless. The engine compartment of the SUV also looks pretty clean for a pre-owned vehicle and it fits perfectly. It comes with factory-fitted multi-spoke alloy wheels finished in black. The host says that the Evoque in the video is well maintained and has been kept original. From the video, it seems that the SUV is in pretty good condition without any dents. However, as mentioned above, there are some scratches on the front bumper.

Pre-owned Range Rover Evoque luxury SUV selling cheaper than a Hyundai Creta


The interior of the SUV has been finished in beige colour mated to a grey colour. So, the cabin does get a dual-tone treatment. It comes with a sound system sourced from Meridian. In the video, we can see some wear and tears on the door pads. The upper part of the dashboard has been finished in black, then there is a metallic strip and then there is the beige finish on the dashboard. The centre console of the SUV has been well maintained and is scratch-less. The front and rear seat covers of the SUV are also intact.

It comes with a panoramic sunroof with a curtain which is working perfectly. It helps in letting a lot of light into the cabin, which brightens up the cabin and the occupants do not feel claustrophobic. It comes with a push-button to start/stop, factory fitted touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, rear AC vents, dual-zone climate control,  storage under the centre armrest, cruise control, paddle shifters, rear centre armrest with two cupholders and storage and much more. For safety equipment, you get traction control, hill descent control, electronic parking brake, multiple airbags and different terrain modes.

The vehicle is registered in Chandigarh and gets a fancy number. It is a 2012 model and comes with a diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission. The documents of the SUV are also complete. The vehicle has covered 91,000 km and it is selling for Rs. 17.75 lakhs. It does not come with any guarantee or warranty, but you can get a test drive of the vehicle and you can inspect it also.