This super luxury Range Rover Vogue is selling for less than a Hyundai Creta!

Land Rover is among the best SUV manufacturers in the world. Owned by the Tata group, this British brand has been making SUVs ever since its inception and has a special line of luxury lifestyle SUVs which goes by the name of Range Rover. Land Rover SUVs are known for their superb off-road prowess, powerful engines along with spacious, comfortable and feature-rich interiors. However, all that comes at a price and most  Range Rover line SUVs cost well over a crore in the Indian market. But if you have your heart set on the brand and want to own a Land Rover SUVs soon, here is a Range Rover Vogue that is selling for less than the price of a top-end Hyundai Creta.

Rangie 1

That’s right, the Range Rover Vogue you see above can be had yours for just Rs. 18.5 lakhs, which is cheaper than the top-end Hyundai Creta. To let you know, this car is on sale in Bengaluru and the on-road price of the top-end Hyundai Creta in Bengaluru is Rs. 19.71 lakhs. This Range Rover Vogue is a 2007 model and seems to be in a pretty good conditions as far as the images go.

Rangie 2

It runs on sinister-looking black alloy wheels and has silver body paint on it, adding to the overall brute look of the vehicle. In terms of sheer aesthetics, this Range Rover Vogue for sure looks menacing and can dwarf any other SUV in the price range it is being offered with right now. As for the odometer reading, this SUV has covered a total distance of about 80,000 km according to the advertisement.

Rangie 4

Coming to the interiors of this Land Rover Range Rover Vogue, the cabin is finished mostly in beige with wood and leather in abundance, especially on the dashboard. As seen in the images, the rear seats have ample of space and one can easily enjoy long trips in this SUV without any issue. Though it might be a 2007 model, it still comes with a lot of features and equipment that will keep you busy.

Rangie 3

While this Range Rover Vogue seems to be a decent deal, the seller has not disclosed the number of owners it has seen till date. The engine on this car has also not been specified but it does come with an automatic transmission. The advertisement says that NOC for the car is available.

Rangie 5

An important point to note here is that the maintenance and running costs of this SUV will be substantially higher than any other new Rs. 20 lakh SUV. Further, the availability of spare parts could be an issue as it is quite an old model.

If interested, you can know more details about this SUV and reach out to its seller here.