Rolls Royce Silver Shadow: This gorgeous vintage car is on SALE!

Rolls Royce cars have always been symbols of luxury and power. Cars from the British brand has been a staple among state heads and royalty, which adds to their allure. Here is a piece of automotive history that you can now buy. This Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I, which was also called the Silver Wraith II, is now for sale in Mumbai. This pre owned, pristine example is priced at Rs. 75.75 lakhs.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 5

The car is about four decades old, and that’s a lot of money to pay for a car like this. However, considering its vintage value and the total factory restoration that’s been undertaken on it, this Rolls Royce from the yesteryears may actually appreciate in time. This car also comes with the entire service history from 4 decades of its existence, and also the factory build sheets.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I was in production between 1965 and 1980, and every example produced came from the same production facility at Crewe, England.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2

The car was produced in three body types – 2 door coupe, 2 door cabriolet and 4 door saloon. The example that’s for sale is a four door saloon, which also happens to be the most practical version of the car.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 3

This vintage beauty is powered by a 6.75 liter V8, naturally aspirated petrol engine with 189 Bhp of peak power. A four speed automatic gearbox sourced from General Motors comes standard with this engine. The engine is mounted at front, and drives the rear wheels of the car. The car’s that on sale has just run 17,000 Kms and is a single owner version, which means that hasn’t ever changed hands yet.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 4

To buy this car, you can get in touch with Charanjit at Vertical Motors, Mumbai. He can be reached on 9769778083 and verticalmotors(at)

Vintage car collectors in India are a growing breed. However, there is a need to create clear laws that regulate and protect the ownership of these cars. Time and again, many vintage cars have faced an uncertain future thanks to agencies such as the National Green Tribunal passing blanket orders banning older cars. This has resulted in a lot of uncertainty among the vintage car loving community, which takes great care to maintain such cars very well.

Maintaining a vintage car is very expensive. Almost all parts required to keep such cars roadworthy have to be imported at a steep price considering the high import duties on car parts. This makes it all the more important for the government to take a lenient view towards well maintained vintage cars, and extend their registration certificates. Simply scrapping well-maintained vintage cars due to a blanket ban by certain agencies will result in precious automotive history being lost forever.

Most developed countries around the world have ways of keeping classic cars running through yearly inspections for road worthiness. These inspections are conducted by government agencies, and ensure that the vintage cars in question are road legal and mechanically in good shape for safe use on the road. In India, such provisions are yet to be made by RTOs across the country.

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