Hyundai Santa Fe 4WD Automatic selling cheaper than Venue Diesel

Hyundai Santa Fe is not available in the Indian market anymore but it used to be a popular car in the market. While you cannot buy a Santa Fe from the Hyundai showrooms right now, you can definitely find them in the used car market. Here is one such Santa Fe that is in a great condition and the asking price is lower than that of a brand-new Hyundai Venue’s top-end version!

This is a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe that is located in Delhi. This car has completed a total of 60,000 km, which may seem like a lot but since it is a diesel engine, which has a much higher life than petrol engines. Diesel engines can last for lakh of kilometres before throwing problems.

The seller has uploaded multiple pictures of the car too and they show that the car is in a pristine condition without any scratches or dents on the body. It is a well-maintained car and is still with the first owner. This car is registered in Uttar Pradesh and not in Delhi though, which can be a good thing to overcome the NGT’s 10-year rule for the diesel cars in Delhi and NCR.

The seller has also mentioned that the car has a brand-new battery and the insured value is Rs 14 lakhs. However, the seller is asking only for Rs 12 lakhs, which seems to be a fair price. This gets a 4WD system, which ensures that it can go to mild off-roading and can take on the snowy and muddy surfaces without much of a problem. It gets powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine and gets an automatic transmission, which is something that you cannot get for Rs 12 lakhs when buying a new car.

Also, the seller has mentioned that this Hyundai Santa Fe has zero dep insurance cover, which is a great add-on. Also, the seller will provide all the service history and related documents of ownership too.

Even though the car has been discontinued, the Hyundai Santa Fe can be taken to the authorised service centre for regular services and repairs. There would not be much of a problem to maintain the car in the long term. For more information and details, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.