Skip waiting period & buy unregistered Mahindra Thar & almost new XUV700 SUVs at attractive prices

Mahindra currently has three blockbuster products in its lineup: the Mahindra Thar, launched in 2020; the XUV700, launched in 2021; and the Scorpio N, introduced last year. All three models from the Indian manufacturer have a long waiting period, and we have seen people waiting for years to get their vehicles delivered to them. While many have started to look for these vehicles in the used car market, some do not wish to buy a used car because they are worried about the quality and other issues. We have recently seen a trend of unregistered cars in the used car market. These vehicles are brand new but are listed by used car dealers. When a customer buys them, the vehicles are registered under their name, and they become the first owner. In a video shared by My Country My Ride on their YouTube channel, an unregistered Mahindra Thar and an almost-new XUV700 SUV are available for sale.

The vlogger speaks to a used car dealer from New Delhi, Multi Wheels, about the unregistered cars. The first one shown in the video is a Mahindra Thar 4×4 SUV, a top-end LX hard-top diesel automatic variant, which is very popular among buyers, and the waiting period for this SUV is quite long. The original ex-showroom price of this SUV in Delhi, including insurance, is around Rs 17.56 lakh. The dealer is offering a discount on this SUV, and the asking price for this SUV is Rs 15.95 lakh, including insurance.

The next car in the video is a 2023 model Mahindra XUV700, a top-end AX variant with a Luxury pack installed. The SUV is registered in Haryana and is a petrol automatic version. The blue-coloured SUV looks brand new and was registered in February this year. There are no major dents or scratches visible on the car, and it looks brilliant too. The car has only 11,000 km. The asking price for this almost-new XUV700 is Rs 26.50 lakh.

Skip waiting period & buy unregistered Mahindra Thar & almost new XUV700 SUVs at attractive prices
Almost new XUV700 for sale

The video then shows another Mahindra XUV700 SUV, finished in midnight blue, which is also a top-end AX7 L petrol automatic variant. The car looks neat in the video, with no major dents or scratches visible on the panels. The seller mentions that the car is registered in 2022 and has only done 3,900 km. This SUV is also registered in Haryana, and the asking price for this almost-new SUV is Rs 26.50 lakh.

It should be noted that the price mentioned in the video for the unregistered Mahindra Thar only includes insurance. Customers living in any part of the country can get in touch with the seller and buy this car. The customer will have to pay the RTO charges over the price of the vehicle, and they will be the first owner of the vehicle. While buying a used car, it is always a good idea to get the vehicle inspected at an authorized service centre or workshop. This is to ensure that the car does not have any major issue and you do not end up spending more on the repairs after buying the car.

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