5 pristinely maintained used Skoda Octavia sedans across India

The Skoda Octavia is probably one of the best options in the D-segment sedan game where it rivals the likes of the Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda Civic and the Hyundai Elantra. The stylish sedan is known for its solid built quality, driving pleasure, powerful engine options, space and comfort along with the great cabin equipped with a decent level of kit. The Octavia has that luxury car feel to it but the car does not come for cheap as the base variant is also priced at Rs. 15.99 lakh. However, what if we say that you can get a well maintained Octavia at a price that is less than even the base variant of the Honda City. Interested? Read along to check out 5 pristinely maintained Skoda Octavias that can be bought for less than a base model Honda City.

1. 2015 model at Rs. 8.76 lakh in Bengaluru

Octavia Used 1

Starting off the list is this 2015 model from the IT capital of India, i.e., Bengaluru. Going by the image, the car seems to have been kept nicely. It is a 2.0 TDI CR Ambition variant and the asking price for this car is Rs. 8.76 lakhs. It is powered by a diesel engine that comes mated to a manual transmission. The car is with its first owner and has an odo reading of 87,000 km. Click here to know more about the car and contact its seller.

2. 2016 model at Rs. 8.45 in Mumbai

Octavia Used 2

This beautiful looking white example comes from the city of dreams and has an asking price of Rs. 8.45 lakh over its head. It is the Ambition 1.4 TSI variant which means it is powered by a petrol engine that comes mated to a manual gearbox. The car is with its second owner right now and has covered a total of 42,500 km till date. Head here to know more details about this car.

3. 2014 model at Rs. 9.90 in Mumbai

Octavia Used 3

This gleaming white example is again from Mumbai with a price of Rs. 9.90 lakh over its head, making it the most expensive option on this list. This 2014 model is the Ambiente 1.9 TDi variant which means it is powered by a diesel engine and comes with various bells and whistles Skoda offered on this car. The car has an odometer reading of 71,000 km and if interested, you can click here to know more about this example.

4. 2014 model at Rs. 8.99 lakh in Delhi

Octavia Used 4

Next up is this black beauty that is available in the capital city of our country. A 2014 model, the asking price of this car is pegged at Rs. 8.99 lakh which is decent considering it is an Elegance 1.9 TDI variant. It is powered by a diesel engine and comes with an automatic transmission which makes city driving easy. The car has exchanged hands once before this listing and has an odometer reading of 79,000 km. Head here to know more details about this Octavia.

5. 2015 model at Rs. 8.90 in Bengaluru

Octavia Used 5

Signing off the list is this silver Skoda Octavia from Bengaluru. It is a 2015 model with a reasonable price of Rs. 8.90 lakh, making it a decent buy. It is the Active 1.4 TSI variant which is powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine. The car has an odometer reading of 48,000 km, which is again not too much. If interested, you can check out more details about this Octavia here.

What should I know before buying a used Octavia and what are the risks involved?

Well, the Skoda Octavia is a pretty brilliant car in its own right and has a loyal fan following behind it too. On the downside though, Skoda’s aftersales service is nothing to write home about and the Czech manufacturer has been always ridiculed for the same in India. Also, the Octavia has a poor resale value than some of its rivals but that is not much of an issue since you will actually be benefitted due to the same.

Another thing to check is if there is any water/flood damage in the car. Before laying down your money, have a skilled technician inspect the car completely. This will chuck out any hidden issue the car is having before you and the price can be further negotiated based on the same.