Sparingly used Audi supercar selling cheaper than a Fortuner

Audi might be on the verge of discontinuing the R8 from its global lineup in the coming months, but the supercar has already gained cult status around the world. With the discontinuation of the Audi R8 in the coming months, the prices of this flagship supercar from Audi in the used car market are bound to hit new heights. However, this particular sample of Audi R8 in the used car market of India caught our attention for the price at which it is being sold.


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In an Instagram post uploaded by Mumbai-based used car dealer ‘Exotic Cars’, we can see a used Audi R8 up for sale and the price is less than a fully-loaded Toyota Fortuner. This particular R8 is a 2011 model and is registered in Haryana, with 32,500 km covered as per its odometer. This particular Audi R8 is finished in a unique dual-tone black and yellow wrap job – while its front half is in yellow, the rear part is in a theme of satin black. However, beneath the wrap job, this Audi R8 is finished in a paint scheme of Phantom Black Pearl.

This Audi R8 also gets stock machined alloy wheels and is slapped with several sponsor decals behind its door panels. In the single picture of the interior of this Audi Rs shared by the seller, we can see that the cabin gets premium red-themed leather upholstery for the seats and door panels and a few bits finished in carbon fibre.

In the online ad, the current owner of this Audi R8 mentioned that this car gets auto-focusing all-LED headlamps, a premium Bang-&-Olufsen audio system, reverse parking sensors and camera and a full exhaust system. This R8 also gets a Nano coated paint protection and has been serviced at Audi’s authorized service centre only.

Sparingly used Audi supercar selling cheaper than a Fortuner

The current owner of this R8 is its second owner, who has listed this car for Rs 55 lakh. This asking price makes it even cheaper than the full-spec Toyota Fortuner. While this Audi R8 is more than a decade-old car, the fact that it still has the charisma and road presence of a full-blown supercar makes it much cooler than a new Fortuner.

The Audi R8 you see here has a 4.2-litre V8 engine, which produces 423 bhp of maximum power and 430 Nm of peak torque output. However, the supercar was also available with a more powerful 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated 612 bhp V10 engine, which is still on offer in the Lamborghini Huracan. While the car listed for sale is the two-door coupe, the R8 was also available in the convertible ‘Spyder’ version. The R8 has been discontinued from the Indian car market ahead of the deadline for BS6 emission norms.

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