Super RARE used Chevrolet Forester SUV selling cheaper than a new Yamaha R15

Here’s a super rare Chevrolet Forester that has found its way into the used car market of Mumbai, and from the looks of it, it’s in very good shape. And the biggest selling point of this car is its price: Rs. 1 lakh. Well, that makes this super rare car cheaper than a brand new Yamaha R15 150cc sportsbike. If you want to buy this SUV, you need to get in touch with Mr Rajesh on +91-98206-05696. It’s a 14 year old car, and was manufactured in 2005. It’s still with the first owner, and has run 78,000 Kms. It’s petrol powered, which means that it can still be re-registered in many parts of India.

Chevrolet Forester Used 1

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Wait, tell me more about this car!

Many years ago, when General Motors was still quite bullish on India, the American car maker launched a slew of cars, many of them segment starters. One such car was the Chevrolet Forester SUV – a rebadged Subaru Forester – which was meant to kick start the compact SUV segment in the country. It was launched in 2004, with a sticker price of about Rs. 15 lakhs, and was imported into the country in completely knocked down (CKD) kit form. Sadly, the Forester never did well in terms of sales, prompting General Motors to discontinue it in 4 years of launch. But this didn’t happen before a big price cut of over Rs. 2 lakhs. Considering that very few Chevrolet Foresters were actually sold in India, the SUV is rare and well maintained examples are even rarer.

Chevrolet Forester Used 2

Coming to mechanical details and the various features that the Chevrolet Forester offers, it’s powered by a 2 liter-4 cylinder ‘Boxer’ petrol engine that put out 118 Bhp of peak power and 180 Nm of peak torque. A five speed manual gearbox is standard, along with an all wheel drive system. ABS and twin air bags are standard on the SUV. The Chevrolet Forester was highly regarded for its go-anywhere appeal, and the brand continues to sell globally under Subaru, which sells it with the Forester badge in markets abroad.

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Since the Chevrolet Forester was discontinued about 12 years ago, access to spares for this SUV is likely to be quite challenging. Anyone buying this SUV must note that many spares may have to be imported to keep the vehicle in running condition. As a vehicle itself, the Chevrolet Forester is highly regarded for its reliability and low maintenance. For someone who is willing to put in the elbow grease to run this rare car on Indian roads, the sticker price of Rs. 1 lakh is quite attractive. If not anything, this example is a collectible. Would you buy one?

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