Tata Harrier: 5 GREAT examples that you can buy in USED car market

Launched earlier this year, the Tata Harrier has already become one of the best-selling cars in the D-Segment. The much-awaited Harrier was launched only in a single drivetrain combination earlier this year and the mid-size SUV has received quite a lot of bookings too. While there is a waiting period on the new Harrier across the country, there are quite a few examples that are readily available in the used car market. Since the Harrier was launched in January 2019, all the examples here are less than a year old, which makes them extremely lucrative.

Tata Harrier XZ

Gurgaon, Asking price: Rs 18.2 lakhs

Harrier 1

This Tata Harrier is located in Delhi-NCR and is priced at Rs 18.2 lakhs. If you go to the showroom to get the new XZ variant, it will set you back by around Rs 19.23 lakh, on-road price. This vehicle is priced Rs 1 lakh below the on-road price, which makes it a very good deal. The listing mentions that the vehicle was registered in March 2019, which makes it less than 3 months old. The owner is also offering the original bills of Rs 19 lakh. Since it the top-end variant, it comes with features like cruise control, voice commands, leather seats, driving modes, terrain modes, and more. Contact the seller directly by clicking here.

Tata Harrier XZ

Vijaywada, Asking price: Rs 20 lakhs

Harrier 2

Here is one more top-end variant of the Harrier available in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. The car has done 7,000 km according to the odometer and the current owner is leaving the country, which is why he has put up the vehicle for sale. The on-road price in Vijaywada is Rs 21 lakhs, which makes it Rs 1 lakh cheaper than the new vehicle. It is available in the elegant Thermisto Gold colour, which sure attracts a lot of eyes on the roads. Contact the seller directly by clicking here.

Tata Harrier XZ

Mumbai, Asking price: Rs 18.75 lakh

Harrier 3

This one is from Mumbai and again it is the top-end version. The owner has not listed the reason for selling the vehicle but it has done around 4,500 km according to the odometer. The SUV is in showroom condition according to the pictures and this one is in the flagship orange colour. This vehicle was registered in February and has the less than 5,000 km mark on the odometer makes it quite an attractive choice. In Mumbai, the new Tata Harrier XZ costs Rs 20.19 lakh, which makes it more than Rs 1 lakh cheaper than the new brand new model. Contact the seller directly by clicking here.

Tata Harrier XZ

Lucknow, Asking price: Rs 18.95 lakh

Harrier 4

Here is a Tata Harrier from the capital of Uttar Pradesh in the evergreen white colour. The mid-size SUV seen here has been driven for around 5,000 km and according to the advertisement, it was registered in May 2019. This is the newest car, which is up for sale among all the Tata Harriers listed in the used car market. The vehicle is priced at Rs 18.95 lakh, which is cheaper than the Rs 19.69 lakh, on-road price in the city. Contact the seller directly by clicking here.

Tata Harrier XZ

Chennai, Asking price: Rs 17.25 lakh

Tata Harrier 5

This is the most affordable Tata Harrier among all. This one from Chennai is also in white colour and has been driven around for 3,400 km. The vehicle also gets zero-depreciation insurance. In Chennai, a brand-new Harrier XZ will cost Rs 20.45 lakh, on-road, which makes it a very attractive choice. Contact the seller directly by clicking here.