This Tata Winger with fully customised, luxury interiors is for sale at Rs 6.95 lakh [Video]

Used car market has been growing steadily in India. Specially with prices of new cars going up there is a decent demand for both regular and luxury vehicles. In the past, we have featured and are still featuring many well-kept and maintained luxury vehicles on our website. There have been videos about DC modified Toyota Innovas with DC lounge at the rear. It is quite popular among buyers for obvious reasons. Here we have a video where a very unusual vehicle is available for sale. It is actually a Tata Winger MPV with fully customised lounge like interiors.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. In this video, the seller shows how the Winger looks on the outside and also talks about the interior customisations. The Silver coloured MPV looks well kept there is a bumper guard on installed at the front and a Mercedes logo is also seen here. The headlights and fog lamps are all stock units. There are several dents and scratches on the car and the same is visible in the video as well. Coming to the side profile, there are aftermarket alloy wheels installed in the Winger.

Moving in, the seller shows the driver cabin first. It is not the cleanest cabin that we have seen so far. There are signs of rough usage in the driver cabin and it comes with manual windows, speakers on the door and AC vents. It is a basic cabin and the rear which is divided by a partition is exactly the opposite. The rear cabin of the car gets luxurious features. The second and third row seats of the Winger have been replaced with a set of cushions. The floor has been laminated in such a manner that it looks like wooden flooring. The cabin gets beige and wooden coloured theme which gives it an airy feel.

This Tata Winger with fully customised, luxury interiors is for sale at Rs 6.95 lakh [Video]

There are window blinds and the roof of the Winger has been redone completely. It now comes with multiple AC vents, ambient lights and reading lamps. It gets a premium speakers set up and there is an LED TV installed on the partition. The partition is made from glass and this can be brought down just with the touch of a button. There is an intercom to speak with the driver without rolling down the glass.  There is a DVD player from Sony and other than that, there is another small LED screen placed opposite to the TV to make the viewing experience better for people sitting on the other seats.

There are two refrigerators inside the car and temperature in both these refrigerators can be individually controlled. There is ample amount of storage space under the seats but, it looks like the cushions cannot be reclined. Coming to the details, this is a 2011 model diesel manual MPV. The car has done around 41,000 kms on odometer and is registered in Chandigarh. Asking price for this fully customised Tata Winger MPV is Rs 6.95 lakh.