Know Why CARS24 is the Best Place To Sell Your Used Car

Of late, CARS24 has become a common topic of conversation when it comes to selling a used car. Enabling consumers to sell their used car, as if it’s a child’s play has made them a crowd’s favorite. No wonder your friends, relatives & acquaintances are purchasing new cars as disposing off their used car has become a breeze. If you have been wondering what makes CARS24 an obvious choice for so many users, here are 5 reasons why we think the same –

1. Quickest way to sell car

It might sound like a dream, but CARS24 enables a customer to sell off his used car in a single day. Imagine you decide to sell your car on a weekday & within 2 hours you are not only able to sell but also get instant payment in your bank account the same day. Thus no need to visit multiple used car dealers, meet strangers, get entangled into negotiations or lose sleep over paperwork. At CARS24, all it takes is a visit to a branch where you get your car evaluated & then offered a price. If you accept the offer, your car is sold with instant payment in your account. In an era where time is money, selling a car in just one visit is a luxury that CARS24 provides. No wonder the brand is rising in the popularity charts day by day.

2. Keeping tension at bay with secure transactions

There is absolutely no worry about any paperwork including ownership transfer because CARS24 does it for you. Most of us can relate to the scenario where the used car dealer or the new buyer casually washes his hands from the documentation work which leaves the seller in a soup. CARS24 solves this by ensuring free RC transfer which enables the seller to be free of any tension or worry.

3. Provides best value for the car

CARS24 ensures that the consumer gets the best price for his used car. Thus a customer no longer has to go through slow & painful process of multiple negotiations & arm-twisting tactics of the buyer to get the right price. A customer can sit back & relax at the CARS24 branch and get the best price.

Still wondering why your neighborhood uncle was smiling from ear to ear after selling his used car to CARS24? It is because you get the right price at CARS24 which you can utilize to buy a new car.

4. Say goodbye to paperwork problems

We aren’t just talking about RC transfer but loan closure, challan clearance and other formalities which are like a thorn in the flesh of a seller. Due to CARS24, you do not need to run from pillar to post. Instead, you can just hand over all the documents to the team at CARS24 and their experts will take care of the rest. As we said, you can walk into a CARS24 branch with your car & come out with the right price transferred in your bank account with all the paper formalities completed. Priceless, isn’t it?

5. Genuine brand and trustworthy service

Over the past three years, CARS24 has had over 1 lakh satisfied customers. With 76 branches across 13 cities in India, CARS24 has revolutionized the way a used car is sold in India. Having completely bowled consumers over with its professionalism & customer experience, it’s not a surprise that CARS24 is becoming the market leader in the used car industry.

We are very sure that the upcoming festive season will make CARS24 branches a beehive of activity like never before. What are you still thinking? Selling a used car was never so easy. So, book your appointment at CARS24 today.