Why does used Toyota Fortuner cost more than used BMW X1 or X3? We explain

Toyota Fortuner has been around in the Indian market for a long time now and it simply dominates the segment. The 7-seater SUV is known for various qualities in the market and one of them is its resale value. Toyota Fortuner retains its original value even after years. In fact, Toyota Fortuner has more resale value than the premium BMW X1, which also sells for about the same price. Here are three almost similarly used examples of BMW X1 and Toyota Fortuner that will give you a clear understanding of the same. The current base price of a BMW X1 is Rs 39 lakhs while a brand-new Toyota Fortuner is priced at Rs 28.6 lakhs.

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2018 registered BMW X1 Vs Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner has 23,000 on the odometer and the asking price is Rs 31 lakhs. Here is a Fortuner located in Delhi. The SUV was registered in 2018 and the asking price is Rs 31 lakhs! This is the top-end Fortuner that gets 4X4 system and automatic transmission too. This BMW X1 has completed a total of 18,000 on the odometer and the asking price is Rs 24.5 lakhs. This a 4X2 BMW X1 located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This X1 has completed a total of 18,000 km and the asking price is only Rs 24.5 lakhs. This also gets an automatic transmission as standard and there are no scratches on the body.

2016 registered BMW X1 Vs Toyota Fortuner

Now here is a BMW and a Toyota from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Both these vehicles were registered in 2016. The Toyota Fortuner here is a 4X4 automatic version and it has completed a total of 59,000 km. The asking price is Rs 28.5 lakhs. The BMW X1 has completed a total of 61,000 and it is sDrive 20D variant. The seller is asking for only Rs 20.5 lakhs for this model!

2014 registered BMW X1 Vs Toyota Fortuner

Here are older versions of both the SUVs and the trend remains the same here too. The BMW X1 here is an AWD that has completed a total of 60,000 km according to the odometer reading. The seller is asking Rs 14.25 lakhs for this model. This car is located in Chennai and also has extended warranty on it. The Toyota Fortuner is again from Mumbai, Maharashtra and it has 52,000 km on the odometer. It is a 4X2 automatic model and is slightly less used than the X1. However, it is priced at Rs 17.85 lakhs, which more than Rs 3 lakhs than the value of BMW.

Why Toyota Fortuner has higher resale value? Well, here are a few reasons!

Brand recognition

The Toyota brand has greater penetration in India compared to BMW. Toyota, of course, enjoys a mass-segment car brand value whereas, BMW is mostly popular in Tier-I and Tier-II cities. Since the Fortuner has a greater presence in the cities and towns of India, people know about the brand and how reliable it is. This builds trust and ensures a much higher resale value.

Repair cost

If a BMW and a Toyota Fortuner get into an unfortunate accident, be assured that the BMW’s repair bills will be way higher than that of the Fortuner. There are many who do not think much about the maintenance and repair cost while buying the car and later regret the decision. Most customers are armed with important knowledge when buying a car. This makes the Fortuner very pocket-friendly.

Spare parts

If a critical part of a BMW fails, it may take weeks before the car is repaired and comes out of the garage. Whereas, the availability of the critical parts of the Toyota Fortuner is much higher in India. This allows Toyota to repair the vehicles quicker. It is always better to have the car up and running on the roads instead of a garage.

Maintenance cost

Comparing a regular service of a BMW X1 and Toyota Fortuner, you can conclude that the Japanese are much affordable over a long period of ownership. The fourth service of Toyota Fortuner costs less than Rs 10,000 while the service of BMW X1 can cost quite much more.

Highly reliable service network

Toyota has much better service network than luxury brands like BMW or Audi in India. The better service network ensures that people get easy servicing done without travelling much. Also, a higher number of service centres ensure that there is enough competition between the service centres to provide better service.

Bigger and intimidating

The Toyota Fortuner looks much more intimidating on the roads because of its size and it also offers two extra seats. The Toyota Fortuner has a much more presence. We all know how the Indian market works and how more for less money plays an important role in the success of a vehicle.