Toyota Innova with DC modified lounge available for sale [video]

Toyota Innova is a very popular MPV in the market. Innova was replaced with Innova Crysta but still there is a demand for type 1, 2 and 3 Innova in the market. Innova is popular among buyers for its reliability, ride comfort and low cost of maintenance. Many people who own Toyota Innova have either restored or modified it to give it a fresh look. One of the popular type of customisation on Innova was the DC lounge. The rear cabin of the Innova was customised into a luxury lounge to give occupants a premium experience. Here we have a video where a DC modified Toyota Innova is available for sale.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. In this video, seller shows condition of the car from outside and inside. The Grey colour Toyota Innova does not get many exterior modifications. It gets regular front grille, headlamps. Coming to the side profile, the car has aftermarket alloy wheels, side step and lower door cladding. Rear bumper and tail lamps on this Innova are also stock. There are minor scratches on the car and there is a visible dent on the tail gate of this Innova. Overall, the car looks decent from outside.

Seller then moves into the cabin of the Innova. He starts with driver cabin. The driver cabin has not been extensively modified. He gets basic features like an aftermarket music system and AC. The seats gets fabric seat covers. There is an intercom facility inside the car to communicate with occupants in the rear seat. The car gets a completely customised interior. The second and third row seats in the Innova have been removed and replaced with two recliners.

The recliners are wrapped in leather and can be adjusted electrically using buttons placed on the door. A set of buttons are installed on the door which has buttons for lights, window glass and electrical adjustments foe the seats. There are window curtains for privacy and like in any other DC lounge that we have seen in the past, there is a partition between the front and rear cabin. The Innova gets tray table at the front and there are storage spaces as well. A refrigerator is also installed inside the cabin.

Toyota Innova with DC modified lounge available for sale

A multimedia screen and a television has been placed on the partition. The occupant has the option to turn of the small screen if not needed. The roof has been customised and it comes with multiple AC vents, reading lamps and ambient lights. The ambient lights can also be controlled using buttons inside the cabin. As mentioned above, an intercom is also placed inside the cabin to make communication with the driver much easier.

Overall, the cabin looks premium in the video and the seller mentions that all the features on this customised Innova are working. Coming to the details, this is a 2012 model diesel manual Toyota Innova. The car has done approximately 72,000 kms on odometer and the car is registered in Delhi. Asking price for this modified Toyota Innova is Rs 7.25 lakh.

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