Rare, used 2-door sports car Toyota Sera available for sale

India is one of the fastest growing markets for automobile manufacturers in the world. That is one of the reason why several international brands are showing interest in India. We as customers have also grown and we have a variety of models in almost every segment. The case was different couple of decades ago. Brands were concentrating on mass segment vehicles and only a few options were available for enthusiast community. Here we have one such very rare and old used sports car from Toyota that is currently available on sale. The car available on sale here is the 2-door sports car, Toyota Sera.

The advertisement has been published by Yogesh Agarwal, a seller from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The Toyota Sera is a very rarely spotted car on our roads. This car was very popular among the enthusiasts community mainly because of its design. Toyota Sera has a very unique looking design. It has a very sporty look without having any sharp lines on the outside. The car gets sleek looking headlamps that gel well with the overall design of the car. The turn indicators are positioned on the bumper.

The main highlight of this car was the door, it was one of the only Japanese cars at that time which came with butterfly doors. The roof of the car even came with a glass panel which can be removed manually. This gave, Toyota Sera a very airy look inside the cabin. It came with alloy wheels and roof starts sloping as we move towards the rear. The roof slopes and meets the boot elegantly. Just like the headlamps, the tail lamps are also wrapped around the body of the car giving it a neat look.

Coming to the car seen here in the advertisement. The car gets a flashy green paint job. The colour has definitely faded away over the years and is definitely showing its age. The glass in the headlamp doesn’t look as clear as the standard ones and definitely needs some work. Apart from that, there is a large LED bar installed on the lower grille of the car. Apart from that, no major dents or scratches are seen on the car anywhere.

Toyota Sera is a 2-door 4 seater car. The seller has shared the interior pictures of the car and we must say that, the interiors seem to be in great condition. As this is an old vehicle, you cannot except a lot of creature comforts in it. However, the owner of this vehicle has installed an aftermarket entertainment system and speakers.

This Sera also comes with an aftermarket steering wheel which looks sporty. Overall, the car looks good in the images. The Toyota Sera is available with a 1.5 litre petrol engine that generates 140 Bhp. It is available with a manual gearbox option. The car is currently registered in Maharashtra and is currently with its fourth owner. It has covered over 78,800 kms on the odometer. Asking price for this 1995 model rare 2-door Toyota Sera car is Rs 4.21 lakh. Interested buyers can directly get in touch with sellers by clicking here.