Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Depreciation has always been proportionate to the age of the vehicles. With each passing year, we know that the vehicle that we own has lost some of its value. It is not always true, though. Meet these 5 cars that have only become more expensive as years pass by.

Hindustan Contessa

Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Launched at: Rs. 90,000

Current Price: Rs. 2 lakh+

During the 1980s, it was the time when Hindustan Motors peaked. The company launched the Contessa in the market ahead of the launch of Maruti 800. The Contessa was a rebadged version of the Vauxhall Victor. The car was powered by a 1.8-litre ISUZU petrol engine, and later with a 2 liter diesel motor.

The car did not become a grand success in the market because of its enormous price tag at that time. Nowadays, enthusiasts from all over the country are ready to shell out whatever it takes to own this brutal looking car.

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Maruti 800 SS80

Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Launched at: Rs. 25,000

Current Price: Rs. up to 2 lakh

The SS80 version of the Maruti 800 was the first generation of the car in India. It was the first affordable family car of India and came at a time when the Indian roads were dominated by the Ambassadors and the Fiat Padmini. The SS80 quickly gained popularity in India soon became the most sold car in India.

The car was in production for 30 long years yet the first generation of the car is very much in demand among collectors and enthusiasts. The SS80 carried a sharp angular design with similarities to the Volkswagen Golf. The car was launched in 1983 and it is rare to find the SS80 in a good shape up for sale.

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Fiat 1100

Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Launched at: Rs. 12,000

Price now: Rs. Rs. 3 lakh

Premier Automobiles Limited (PAL) imported this car to India in the 1950s. This was the predecessor of the Premier Padmini that was more rounded in shape and did not feature special features like suicide doors, yes you read that right.

The car was powered by 1.1-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine that produced around 35 BHP of maximum power. The car has become extremely rare now and can only be seen in the museums or found in a well-covered condition at garages of enthusiasts.

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Jeep CJ-3B

Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Launched at: Rs. 15,000 – 20,000

Current Price: Rs. 3 lakh+

Mahindra is India’s the oldest automobile company that is still in business. Mahindra’s first ever product in the automotive sector was the Willys Jeep. The Mahindra sold the CJ-3B version of the SUV that was imported by Jeep.

The SUV had higher bonnet to accommodate the Hurricane petrol engine that churned out a maximum power of 75 BHP along with maximum torque of 155 Nm. It came with a 3-speed manual gearbox and 4X4 transfer case. The Willys Jeep has now become almost extinct in India.

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Hindustan Ambassador

Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Launched at Rs. 20,000

Current Price: Rs. 1 lakh+

The Ambassador brought in a lot of firsts to the automobile sector of India. The car was the first made in India car. The car was based on the Morris Oxford and carried a unique shape. It was a monocoque chassis car and offered a huge amount of space to the occupants.

It was also the first diesel car of India but initially, the car was offered with 1.5-litre BMC B-Series petrol engine that generated a maximum of 55 BHP. The Mark-I generation of Hindustan Ambassadors are quite in demand in modern time.

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Mahindra Classic

Undervalued cars whose value has shot up dramatically

Launched at: Rs. 4 lakh

Current Price: Rs. 5 lakh

Mahindra launched the Classic in the early 1990s and it became in instant hit with the young enthusiasts. The production of the car was stopped in the 2000s but the value of the Classic has never stopped rising.

The Classic was powered by a 2.1-litre diesel engine from Peugeot and makes 62 BHP with 120 Nm of torque. The car was only available in 4X4 avatar and had a 4-speed manual gearbox. The Classic is still very much in demand among car lovers.

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