3 BMW 3-Series luxury sedans selling for under Rs 5 lakh!


BMW just launched its most affordable sedan in the Indian market – the 2-Series Gran Coupe. However, the base price of the model is close to Rs 40 lakhs, making it out of reach for many. While there are many who want to own a BMW sedan, they simply cannot because of the extremely high cost of the car in India. However, there are a few vehicles that are for sale in the used car market and these cars are in a decent condition too. Here is a list of five such BMW 5-Series sedans that are for sale and the asking price is lower than Rs 5 lakhs.

2007 BMW 3-Series 320d Corporate Edition

Asking price: Rs 4.15 lakh

This variant of the BMW 3-Series was specially launched for the corporates. This is a 2007 model and the car is currently with the second owner. The seller has mentioned that the car has completed a total of 1,5 lakh km on the odometer, which may seem like a lot but since it is a diesel car, there should not be any problems with the engine. The insurance cover has lapsed. However, the pictures uploaded by the seller show that there are no dents or scratches on the body and the car is in excellent condition. The price is negotiable as per the seller. You can contact them directly for more details and information by clicking here.

2009 BMW 3-Series 320i

Asking price: Rs 5 lakh

This is a 2009 BMW 3-Series 320i for sale in Delhi and the car is in a good condition without any dents or scratches. The seller has not mentioned the odometer reading in the advertisement but it seems to be in an extremely good condition. This 3-Series is powered by a petrol engine and since it is located in Delhi and is 11 years old, it still has a life of four years. However, the buyers will have to transfer the registration and the car to different state or union territory before it completes 15 years such cars are not allowed in Delhi-NCR. For more details on the car, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.

2008 BMW 3-Series 320d Highline

Asking price: Rs 4.75 lakh

This BMW sedan is a 2008 model that is located in Maharashtra and the asking price is below Rs 5 lakh. This is the top-end variant of the car and comes with a long list of features. The seller has mentioned that the car has completed a total of 90,000 km and it is with the service records, which makes it a genuine run. It is currently with its second owner. For more information and details, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.