Well-kept, used 3000cc Ford Endeavour 4×4 Diesel Automatic SUV cheaper than Maruti S-Presso

With the market tilting towards SUVs, manufacturers are now focussed to launch SUV design inspired cars in the market that targets the mass segment buyers. The latest example of such SUV-inspired cars is the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, which was launched in the Indian market only a few days back. Well, for the customers who have the budget to buy such SUV design inspired vehicles like the Kwid and the S-Presso but want a real SUV, complete with a 4X4 system, here is an option for them.

Ford Endeavour 4

This is an older-generation Ford Endeavour, which is known for its straightforward, no nuisance design. This vehicle is up for sale and the asking price is only Rs 5.6 lakh, which makes it much cheaper than the top-end version of the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso. The car for sale here is a 2011 model and it has done a total of 85,000 km according to the odometer. The SUV for sale here is located in Delhi but is registered in Noida.

Ford Endeavour 3

It should be noted that the car is almost ten years old and in Delhi-NCR, the diesel cars older than 10 years are banned. However, if the new owner of the Endeavour gets it registered in any other state of India, it can be used for the entirety of the life of the vehicle. For this, one will have to get a NOC from the RTO and pay the tax of the new RTO in a different state.

Ford Endeavour 2

Now coming back to the car for sale, it is still owned by the first owner and from the pictures, we can make out that the exterior condition of the vehicle is extremely good. There are no visible scratches or dents on the body of the vehicle and it sure looks like a well-maintained car. The car also gets a new battery and has tyres in almost-new conditions. These two factors also make the car a very good choice as the tyres of the Ford Endeavour can be quite expensive to replace. As per the advertisement, the seller is also offering complete service history for the vehicle, which adds peace of mind to the ownership experience. Also, the vehicle gets a zero depreciation insurance cover, which means that the repair costs will be quite affordable if anything happens to the vehicle.

Ford Endeavour 1

Now coming to the engine, it gets powered by a massive 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 154 Bhp and peak torque of 380 Nm. It gets a full-fledged 4X4 system complete with a low-ratio transfer case. The power goes to all the wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The Ford Endeavour is a seven-seater vehicle and looks intimidating on the roads. None of the new car option available at this price will be able to re-create the dominance of the Endeavour on the roads. Well, if you’re interested in this vehicle, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.