Less-used Audi A3 for sale: CHEAPER than Honda City

Audi A3 is the entry-level offering from the German automobile brand in India. The sharp-looking sedan is quite small in size but costs a lot. This is why many do not find the value-for-money quotient in the A3. Well, if you think that the Audi A3 will be a better choice if it is available for a price of a mid-size sedan like a Honda City, here is your chance. This less-used Audi A3 is for sale and the asking price is less than the all-new Honda City, which was launched recently.

This Audi A3 is a 2014 model, which makes it 6 years old. The white coloured car is for sale in the market and the asking price is only Rs 12.25 lakhs, which is cheaper than the new Honda City. The car looks like in pristine condition and there are no dents or scratches it on the body. Even the tyres seem to be in a new condition. It has a black roof and a massive panoramic sunroof.

It has a beige interior and the cabin looks like in a top condition. There are no signs of wear and tear, the vehicle seems to be in great condition. It comes powered by a diesel engine, which is quite powerful. The four-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 143 Bhp and peak torque of 320 Nm. There is an automatic transmission that sends the power to the front wheels of the car. As per ARAI, it returns a maximum fuel efficiency of 20.38 km/l, which is extremely good for a car that is so powerful and luxurious.

It also gets a long list of features including multiple airbags, leather seats, cruise control system, dual-zone climate control system and more such features. It also offers a decent boot space, which is around 425 litres.

Details like the registration state, odometer reading, insurance status of the car are not known. However, you can contact the seller directly for more details. It should be noted that even though this is cheaper than a new Honda City to buy, it is more expensive when it comes to maintenance, the Audi A3 is much more expensive. Most of the Audi A3 is imported from foreign markets and it takes a lot of time to arrive in India. So the car spends more time in the garage compared to the mass-segment cars. For more details and information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.