Well-maintained used Audi A6 diesel automatic for sale: CHEAPER than a new Maruti Swift

Audi is a brand name, which is world-famous for its range of vehicles. Out of all the Audi luxury sedans that are on sale officially in India, the Audi A6L is the most popular choice. The mid-size sedan from Audi has the perfect size to negotiate within the city roads while the cabin is big enough to make you feel rich. A brand-new Audi A6L can cost more than half-a-crore in India. However, if you really want one, there are many used examples in the market that are cheaper than most mid-size hatchbacks. Here is one such Audi A6L for sale, and it is much cheaper than a new Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback!

Audi A6 4

The new Audi A6L sedan for sale is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and the asking price is only Rs 6.0 lakhs! This is a 2008 model in white colour and from the pictures, we can see that the car is very well-maintained. and we could not find any scratches or dents on the body. Also, the white colour looks majestic on the sedan. It gets multispoke wheels that make the vehicle look even more luxurious.

Audi A6 2

This is the S-Line diesel variant of the car that comes loaded with features. In 11 years, the car has accumulated around 85,000 km according to the odometer. Also, the advertisement on Facebook Marketplace claims that the vehicle has never met with an accident. This can be verified if the seller provides a service history of the car. Also, the service history can provide details like the timing of the scheduled services, which can tell you how well-maintained the vehicle has been through its life.

Audi A6 1

The advertisement also mentions that the car is in perfect condition and all the electrical equipment and features are working without any problem. The condition of the tyres is also mentioned as excellent. However, the seller has not mentioned when were the tyres changed. The battery condition is also mentioned as good.

Audi A6 3

Since this is a high-end variant, it gets features like airbags, dual-zone climate control system, keyless entry, leather seats, electrically adjustable front seats, touchscreen infotainment system with reverse parking camera, electrically-powered sunroof, LED DRLs and more such high-tech features. This version came powered by a 2.7-litre diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 180 PS and peak torque of 388 Nm. It gets an automatic transmission. The seller has mentioned that the insurance of the car has expired, which will have to be renewed by the buyer. Also, it gets a VIP 9009 number. It is not known if the seller will provide a NOC for the vehicle, which can be used to then re-register the vehicle in a different RTO. For more information, please contact the seller directly.