Used Audi Q5 for sale: Cheaper than a new Hyundai Creta

Audi Q5 is currently the mid-level SUV in German automaker’s Indian line-up. When launched, the Q5 became quite popular, especially because of its attractive price tag. Even now, there are many who prefer the Audi Q5 over the regular branded cars. Well, here is an Audi Q5 from Mumbai, Maharashtra and it is available for a very attractive price. In comparison, buying this Audi Q5 will be cheaper than getting a brand-new Hyundai Creta!

Audi Q3 3

As per the details shared on the Facebook Ad, this Audi Q5 is a 2011 model. It is white in colour, which is also the most popular colour when it comes to cars in the Indian market. However, the car is owned by the second-owner. The asking price is only Rs 12.9 lakh, which makes it cheaper than a brand-new Hyundai Creta’s on-road price. It sure is much more luxurious and more powerful than any of the variants of the Creta.

The Q5 listed here is the TDI Quattro Premium version. It is an AWD model, which makes it perfect for the weekend getaways and adventure holidays, where light off-roading may be required. Since it is a Quattro model, it will also work perfectly on light snow. The model has done around 84,000 km as per the odometer and all the details of the vehicle are available. It also gets a VIP number, however, the exact registration number of the SUV is not known.

Audi Q3 1

The pictures of the SUV show that the exterior of the SUV remains without any dents or scratches. More details can be availed from any of the Audi official service centres. Details like repairs and service can be found at any of the authorised dealers.

This Audi Q5 Quattro Premium gets powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 174 Bhp and peak torque of 380 Nm. It gets an automatic transmission as standard. Audi Quattro system is also standard with this version of the Q5. The Quattro system is a full-time AWD system that shifts the power between the front and the rear axles depending on the requirement of the terrain. The car also comes with a host of features including 6 airbags, ESP, ABS+EBD, rear parking camera and more such features.

Audi Q3 2

Interested customers can contact the seller directly here. Even though this vehicle has done 84,000 according to the odometer, it should be noted that these vehicles can run of lakhs of kilometres without throwing any major service cost. However, one needs to be very careful when it comes to maintenance or driving the vehicle around. Any accident repair can cost quite a lot of money.