Pre-owned, well maintained Audi Q5 luxury SUVs starting from Rs 9.95 lakh


In the last two three years, number of luxury cars hitting used car market has increased tremendously. Luxury cars from almost every brand is now available in the used market. Even some of the mainstream car manufacturers – both luxury and mass have started selling certified used cars. The market has grown steadily and we have featured several examples of well kept luxury cars on our website. One of the things that attract customers to go for a used luxury car is its price. Well kept luxury cars that are worth half a crore are sold at the price of a mid-size SUV in used car market. Here we have not one but two Audi Q5 SUV luxury SUV that being sold at a very attractive price.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. The video starts with seller showing  exterior and interior of both the SUVs. The first Audi Q5 in the video is a brown coloured car which looks extremely well maintained. The seller starts showing the exterior of the car. There is no major dents or scratches seen on the body anywhere. The paint on the car has not even lost its shine even after all these years.

The SUV gets projector headlamps, LED DRLs, company fitted alloy wheels, LED tail lamps and other features. On the inside, this Audi Q5 gets a dual tone cabin. It gets grey and beige cabin with features like company fitted screen, leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof, multi function steering wheels, dual zone climate control and so on. The SUV looks well maintained, both from inside and outside. Other thing that makes it different from the regular Q5 is two entertainment screens installed for rear passengers.

Coming to the details, this is a 2012 model Audi Q5 SUV with a 2.0 litre diesel engine. The car has been driven for around 60,000 kms and is currently registered in Haryana. Asking price for this particular Audi Q5 is Rs 11.95 lakh.

The next Audi Q5 is a silver coloured SUV with no major dents or scratches on the body. This SUV also gets projector headlamps, LED DRLs, auto folding ORVMs, company fitted alloy wheels, LED tail lamps and so on. As this is a silver colour SUV, the interiors on this Q5 are all black. It gets almost all the features as the other Q5 in the video. It gets dual zone climate control, electrically adjustable seats, multi function steering wheel, leather seats, rear AC vents, company fitted infotainment screen and so on. It does not get panoramic sunroof or entertainment unit for rear seat passengers.

Coming to the details, this Audi Q5 is a 2011 model SUV powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine. It is available with an automatic gearbox. The SUV has been driven for around 84,000 kms and is registered in Delhi. The asking price for this used Q5 luxury SUV is Rs 9.95 lakh. Always have a closer look at the vehicle before making a final decision. As these are luxury vehicles, maintaining them is also going to be an expensive affair, if anything goes wrong.