This used Audi R8 is India’s CHEAPEST supercar

Second hand or used car market has been gaining momentum since the last couple of years in the country. It is becoming a preferred choice among people who are planning to buy a luxury car as they can buy one without burning a hole in their pocket. We had featured many such examples of luxury vehicles in our articles and here we have a similar example for you today. This time around, it is not a luxury car, but a supercar that is being sold at a very cheap rate. In fact it would not be wrong if we call this Audi R8 ‘the cheapest supercar’.

Audi R8 Used 2

The advertisement is put up by a seller in Tamil Nadu’s Virugambakkam and the car is registered in Tamil Nadu only. From the images, the car looks in great condition. The Audi R8 is white in colour and we do not see any dents or scratches anywhere on the car. The black alloy wheels look sporty and the tyres according to the advertisement are all new.

Audi R8 Used 3

The car shown in the image is a 2010 model Audi R8 which gets a 4.2 litre V8 petrol engine. The car produces a maximum of 423 Bhp and 430 Nm of peak torque. The car has done only 18,000 kms as per advertisement which makes this as good as a new car. The car is currently with it’s second owner and the asking price for this Audi R8 is Rs 48 lakh which is around Rs. 5 lakh costlier than a Toyota Fortuner in Bangalore. A brand new Toyota Fortuner would cost around Rs 43 lakh in Bangalore, and here in this deal if a buyer is interested, then he or she is getting a supercar at the price slightly higher than that of a luxury SUV. This is a great price considering the fact that the Audi R8 is still one the most recognised supercar in the country.

Audi R8 Used 1

The advertisement says that the car is insured and can also be transferred to the buyer to a different state or may be the Chennai itself. It does not specify the exact reason for selling this supercar. Interested people must get a thorough check up of the vehicle done by getting it inspected from an expert at the showroom before making a final decision as this is an expensive vehicle. This model has been discontinued but when it was available it costed around Rs 1.72 cr which is a lot. Servicing cost of such vehicles are also on the higher side. One must always keep all these factors in mind while buying such luxury cars or supercars. Interested people can directly get in touch with the seller by clicking here.