Used BMW 3-series luxury sedans for sale: Prices start from Rs. 4.95 lakh [Video]

Luxury cars have become a bit more accessible to buyers in the last couple of years. Thanks to their poor resale value, many buyers go for a used luxury car rather than going for a new one. The only reason behind this is that people are getting more by spending less. Not just luxury cars, the used car market has thrived in the last couple of years and lot of budget, premium and luxury cars are now available in the market. Here we have a video that proves the same. In this video we have three BMW 3-series luxury sedans that are being sold at a very tempting price tag.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their youtube channel. The video shows two 3-series sedan and one 3 GT in the video. Video shows all the three cars inside out which gives an overall view of the condition of these cars. Starting with the first 3-series sedan, the car is a 2010 model 320D which is currently regitered in Delhi. The condition of the car on the outside looks decent. There are minor scratches on the side and the rear of the car but no major dents were seen on the video.

As this is an last-gen model, it has features like normal music system, beige coloured interiors, dual zone climate control and so on. The condition of the seats and interiors are not that bad and the asking price for this 2010 model 320D is only Rs 4.95 lakh. The other 3-series is also a diesel 320D model and is a 2012 model car. It is also registered in Delhi and the interiors on this are black in comparison to the beige on the other. The condition of the exterior and interior of this car looks a bit more impressive than the earlier one and the asking price for this 2012 model 3-series sedan is Rs 6.95 lakh.

Used BMW 3-series luxury sedans for sale: Prices start from Rs. 4.95 lakh [Video]

Moving to the third vehicle in the lot – the 3 series GT is a 2016 model and looks like a well kept car. It has done over 61,000 kms on the odometer and the exterior and interior still looks like brand new. There is no wear and tear in the interiors and no major scratches or dents were also found on the outside. This is again a diesel car and is a generation above the regular sedans. Asking price for this 2016  model well kept BMW 3 series GT which registered in Chandigarh is Rs 19.75 lakh.

Even though luxury vehicles have now become cheaper and more accessible to people, one thing that you should keep in mind while buying these vehicles is the maintenance cost. They still are very expensive to maintain and if something goes wrong with the car, it can easily burn a whole in your pocket if you are not prepared. It always a good idea to have a closer look at the car before making a final decision. Interested buyers can directly get in touch with the seller by checking the description section of the video.