BMW’s fastest diesel sedan for sale: CHEAPER than a Skoda Superb

BMW cars are known for their sheer driving pleasure and there are many enthusiasts who would want to own a BMW. However, due to the high price tag on a new BMW, enthusiasts keep away from these high-end luxury cars. Well, here is a BMW 640d coupe, which is said to be one of the quickest BMW diesel sedans in India. The car is for sale in the used car market and you can find more details below.

This is a 2013 BMW 640d, which makes it only seven years old. The seller has mentioned that the car has completed only 21,500 km according to the odometer reading, which is not much at all. The vehicle is currently with its second owner and the video of the car shows that it is in great condition without any dents or scratches on the body. However, the seller has not mentioned anything about the existing insurance cover on the car.

This BMW 640d is registered in Delhi and is in white shade. The car looks like in good condition. However, the seller has not mentioned anything about the service records of the car. This car is registered in Delhi but it can be registered in any other state after getting a NOC from the seller.

This is a pre-facelifted version of the 640d. It gets a long list of luxury features and also gets the highly popular corona rings as DRLs. This car also gets a sunroof and comfortable cabin space with leather seats and four-zone climate control system. The 640d is a four-seater car and has a low stance, which makes it look very sporty. All the four doors of the 640d are frameless and make the car look extremely good and premium.

This car is currently with its second owner. The seller has not mentioned the reason for selling the car in the market but if the service records are available, one can always check for the detailed service history and get to know if the car had any major problems in the past.

It comes powered by a 3.0-litre, V6 diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 313 Bhp at 4,400 rpm and peak torque of 630 Nm at 1,500 to 2,500 pm. It gets an automatic transmission. The top-speed of this BMW 640d is limited to 249 km/h, which has been set by the manufacturer for safety reasons. If you’re interested in this car, you can reach the seller directly by clicking here.