Some used car dealers ‘ordered’ thieves to STEAL Toyota Fortuners: Cops

The Delhi police recently shot dead a car thief near Vivek Vihar in East Delhi. The cops also managed to nab an accomplice of the dead thief. Investigations into the theft of cars by this gang have revealed some startling details!

Some used car dealers ‘ordered’ thieves to STEAL Toyota Fortuners: Cops

The accused used to take ‘orders’ from used car dealers and plan their course of action accordingly. The probe reveals that these men came to Delhi on June 1 and had orders for three Toyota Fortuner SUVs. The thieves stole the vehicles from different parts of the city and parked them in secluded places. They planned to drive them out of Delhi this week. However, the cops foiled their plan and are now working to nab the rest of the members. It’s said that the suspects seem to have fled to Uttar Pradesh or Haryana.

Noor Mohammad, who was shot dead by the cops in an encounter, was part of an auto-lifting gang running in various parts of North India. This gang took orders from used car dealers in the North-east. These dealers would order cars as per the customer demands. The gang would look for these vehicles in Delhi and other parts of North India. Ravi, an associate of Noor, would often get into a vehicle by breaking the window and connecting a laptop to the ECM.

During interrogation, Ravi informed that the three Toyota Fortuner SUVs that they recently stole were lifted from West and South Delhi. The stolen vehicles were parked near metro stations. The thieves would change the number plates of the stolen vehicles immediately after stealing them. Also, plastic covers were used to cover the vehicles to avoid easy detection. Ravi used to work as a car mechanic at a service centre before he was approached by Noor. He joined the gang to make easy money through the sale proceeds.

via Hindustan Times