Used DC Toyota Innova Crysta for sale

DC Design has created some of the most luxurious cars in India with its lounge conversions. The most successful and popular vehicle that DC Design uses is the Toyota Innova Crysta and there are numerous modified Toyota Crysta based lounges in the market. Well, the conversion can cost a lot and not everyone might be able to spend this much money. Well, here is a DC Design transformed Toyota Innova Crysta that is for sale in the used car market. This Innova Crysta lounge is much cheaper than what you will spend on a DC Design transformation after buying a new Crysta.

This is a 2016 Toyota Innova Crysta. The owner has put an asking price of Rs 16.5 lakhs, which may seem like a lot but this is an automatic Innova Crysta, which ensures that the gear shifts are extremely smooth and the passengers do not feel any jerks while driving. This is the 2.8 GX version of the Toyota Innova Crysta that gets powered by a 2.8-litre diesel engine. The seller has mentioned that the car has done 69,000 km according to the odometer reading. If you’re worried about the odometer reading, you should know that the Toyota uses the D4D diesel engine in the Innova Crysta that can last for lakhs of kilometres without much of a problem.

This Innova Crysta looks like a stock car from the outside. There are no changes except for the black alloy wheels. Most of the changes in this Innova Crysta are in the cabin. It gets two electrically-adjustable captain seats in the rear and the regular seats have been removed. The car now gets extremely plush interior with velvet flooring and wooden inserts all around. Coming back to the seats, they are electrically adjustable seats that also have retractable leg support. It can be extremely useful during the long drives and will keep the occupants comfortable.

There is ambient light in the car too and various other features that can be controlled through a set of remotes integrated to the armrest of the seats. The rear passengers can also enjoy the individual screens that are integrated into the front seats. It can be used to play videos and music and the audio can be played through the speakers in the car or through headphones.

This car is located in Maharashtra and the seller has mentioned that it is with its second owner currently. The car does not have the last row seat. It only has four seats and is specifically for the people who want to be driven around. If you’re interested in this car, you can talk to the owner directly.