Used Ford Fiesta Classic buyers’ guide

The Ford Fiesta Classic (now called just the Ford Classic) is a very understated and reliable car, which provides years of trouble-free motoring. There are some good examples in the used car market, at pretty reasonable prices. The car is really good value for money and suits different types of buyer needs.

The Ford Fiesta Classic was launched in late 2005 and came initially in two petrol engine choices and one diesel engine. The petrol engines were the 1.4 and 1.6 litre options, while the diesel is the tried-and-tested 1.4 litre diesel that is in use even today in the Classic and Figo. The new Classic petrol only has the 1.6 engine option (that develops 100 bhp of power).

Used Ford Fiesta Classic buyers’ guide

The Ford Classic was earlier notorious for high spares costs, but over the years Ford has reduced spares costs considerably, and these days the car’s maintenance costs are among the best in its segment, almost comparable to Maruti vehicles.

If you are considering a used Ford Fiesta Classic, there are some good examples available in the market at decent prices, even diesel variants going for attractive prices, because of the introduction of the new Fiesta!

Prices of used Ford Fiesta Classic

Model 2006: Rs. 1.75 lakh – Rs. 2.25 lakh

Model 2007: Rs. 2.25 lakh – Rs. 3.10 lakh

Model 2008: Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 4 lakh

Model 2009: Rs. 3.5 lakh – Rs. 4.2 lakh

Model 2010: Rs. 4.5 lakh – Rs. 5 lakh

Model 2011: Rs. 5 lakh – Rs. 5.5 lakh


The Ford Fiesta Classic is a good car to buy as it has all the create comforts you need and has a sporty drive. However, there are a few things you need to watch out for when buying a Fiesta Classic.


The Fiesta Classic has a robust suspension and can take quite a beating. However, the rear suspension was prone to rattling. Problems in some cars reported were with the bushes and dampers. Ford had initiated a recall for some cars to fix the twist beam for the rear suspension. The front suspension did not need much attention except for bush replacements periodically. Also read: Ford recalls Figo and Classic for suspension fixes


Ford Fiesta offers a sporty drive, especially the 1.6, 100 bhp petrol variants. It’s quite possible that some of these cars were abused by over-enthusiastic drivers, so be wary about engine sounds. The Fiesta has a smooth and refined engine, which sounds sporty at high revs. Listen for bearing noise which manifests as a high-pitched whine from the engine. Also listen for a clinking sound or rough idle, which could mean that the engine needs major attention.

In the diesel Ford Fiesta take a look at the exhaust. If you see black smoke emerging, it could be a sign that the injectors need cleaning – a common issue with the car, which routine maintenance normally takes care of.

Power steering issues

The Fiesta has a hydraulic power steering. While this is a joy to drive as it gives a direct feel of the road and very nice steering feel, some older cars had issues with leaking power steering hoses. Check the steering by turning it from side to side completely. Listen for any groaning or whining noises, indicative of air in the power-steering fluid or low fluid level. Inspect the engine bay for any oil leakage.

Clutch action

Check the clutch of the Fiesta. The car has a slightly heavy clutch pedal, but with a very positive action. If the clutch is unduly heavy or releases with a jerk, it could indicate that the car needs some clutch wear. The clutch if used normally would easily last 100,000 km, but there are some cars which have got replacements as early as 50,000 km.

Peripheral parts

Parts such as bumpers, headlamps and tail-lamps used to be expensive in the Fiesta, but prices have been brought down. Bumper replacement for the rear costs about Rs. 4,500. A headlamp replacement costs about Rs. 3,500. Tail-lamps cost about Rs. 1,500. Since the car continues even today as the Ford Classic, spares and service are easily available for the car. Body panels are robust and usually don’t develop rattles, although some fitments such as the door pads, center console and seat base sometimes rattle with age. Also see: Ford Classic video review

A used Ford Classic / Ford Fiesta Classic is a good deal in the second-hand car market. If you have to pick one up, go for either the 1.4 diesel or the 1.6 petrol, as both these cars are still in production. The 1.4 petrol has been discontinued.