3-year-old Toyota Fortuner selling Rs. 15 lakh cheaper than new

Toyota cars and sedans are known to hold the resale value to the highest possibility even after years of usage. That’s one of the major factors for the sales of new Toyota vehicles in the Indian market. While you may just lose a few lakh rupees on a brand-new Toyota, here is a deal that may seem unreal. This is a 3-year old Toyota Fortuner for sale and the asking price is Rs 15 lakh cheaper than new! Here are the details.

This is a 2017 Toyota Fortuner that is located in Delhi and is registered in Uttar Pradesh. The SUV has no dents or scratches on the body and it looks like in a brand-new, showroom condition. The grey coloured Fortuner looks shining and the selling price is Rs 25.95 lakh only. The seller has not mentioned any reason for selling the car so early in the ownership and has also not mentioned the odometer reading. However, as you know that Toyota Fortuner and Innova Crysta are built for life. The D4D diesel engine options that power these two vehicles in the Indian market can last for lakhs of kilometres. The D4D engine series is known around the world for its exceptional reliability.

The Toyota Fortuner for sale here gets an automatic transmission and comes powered by a diesel engine. Also, it is a 4X2 version of the vehicle, which means that it will offer good fuel efficiency and since there are no extra mechanicals, there should not be any problems with the maintenance too.

The Fortuner is one of the most popular vehicles in the Indian market. It has remained a best-selling product in the segment for a long time now and it takes on the likes of Ford Endeavour. The Toyota Fortuner offers a decent list of features and equipment too.

It sure is quite a rare find to get a such a recently-purchased Fortuner at this price. You can always contact the seller for more details and information like odometer reading and service history too. It should be noted that the service history of any car will reveal a lot about how it has been used by the owner and if the vehicle has been involved in any major accidents. Service history can also reveal if the odometer reading shown in the vehicle is true as the service centres note the odometer reading during every visit. For more details, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.