Well-maintained Land Rover Freelander2 selling for under Rs. 12.75 lakh [Video]

Land Rover Freelander2 is one of the most capable vehicles in the world. The vehicle is built for life and can last for decades if proper care is given to the vehicle. While the Land Rover Freelander2 is not available in the market anymore, there are a few options in the used car market that you can buy. Here is one such Land Rover Freelander2 that is located in Delhi and is for sale. Here are the details.

This black coloured Land Rover Freelander2 is registered in Delhi and is located in the same location. It is a 2013 model, which means that it has a life of about 3 years from now. It should be noted that diesel vehicles are only allowed for 10 years in Delhi-NCR. However, if you can get the vehicle registered in some other state, you can use it for a much longer time. However, diesel vehicles older than 10 years are not allowed to enter Delhi at the present.

Nonetheless, even for a seven-year-old SUV, this Land Rover Freelander2 is in a perfect condition. The video shows the vehicle from all around and there are no signs of dents or scratches on the body. The video also claims that it is in an all original condition. You can always confirm that by checking the service history of the vehicle. Going through the service history carefully will reveal a lot about the vehicle including if the odometer reading is genuine or if it has ever been into an accident.

This is the new shape Freelander2 that came with different headlamps. The cabin of the car also looks like in an almost-new condition. It gets a dual-tone cabin with a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation. The Freelander2 is a 4X4 vehicle and comes with various driving modes. It gets a dual-panel sunroof. The odometer reading is not mentioned by the seller but since it is a diesel vehicle, it can run for lakhs of kilometres without throwing any major issues, whatsoever.

Well-maintained Land Rover Freelander2 selling for under Rs. 12.75 lakh [Video]

This the TD4 SE variant of the vehicle, which was available for around Rs 35 lakh, ex-showroom, back in 2013. Land Rover also discontinued this model in 2013. The seller is asking for Rs 12.75 lakhs, which makes it much cheaper than the likes of Tata Harrier and MG Hector. However, it should be noted that maintaining a luxury used car is much more expensive than maintaining an affordable mass-segment new car. If you’re interested, please call the dealer directly by clicking here.