Nicely kept, used Hindustan Motors Ambassador for sale at less than the price of Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Hindustan Motors Ambassador is a car that is associated with the beginning of the automotive era in India. It was based on the Morris Oxford Series III, a car that was sold in the UK around half a century back. The Ambassador itself had a very long production run with sales starting from 1958 till the time the manufacturer shut shop in 2014. Despite being discontinued though, the Ambassador holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts and there are several enthusiasts who absolutely cherish this old beauty. If you often find yourself ogling at an old Ambassadors and have been planning to buy one since some time, here is a nicely kept Ambassador for you that is available for even less than the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Used Ambassador 4

That’s right. The white Hindustan Motors Ambassador you see above can be had yours for just Rs. 1.58 lakhs. Now the price of a new Royal Enfield Classic 350 is around Rs. 1.75 lakhs (on-road, Delhi), which means that this Ambassador is much cheaper than the Classic 350. It is a 2005 registed car which makes it not just too old for the liking. Going by the images, the exteriors of this Ambassador seem to be doing pretty well and look classy as ever. There is no visible dent or big scratches on the car either.

Used Ambassador 2

The interiors, however, would need a bit of attention but that doesn’t mean that the car is ill-kept from the inside. It comes with AC and power windows, both of which are a regular feature on today’s cars. However, back in the days of the Ambassador before the 2000s, power windows was considered a novel feature and even AC wasn’t a regular feature on most cars.

Used Ambassador 3

Powering this Ambassador is an Isuzu-sourced 1.8 litre naturally-aspirated, four-cylinder petrol engine. The motor produces a maximum power of 75 bhp along with a peak torque of 135 Nm and is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. To lett you know, the rights to use the Ambassador name on a car have been purchased by the PSA group (Peugeot, Citroen) and the company plans to launch the ambassador brand in India by 2021 or 2022. So before the modern piece of technology on four wheels with an Ambassador nameplate arrives (if that would happen), now is a good chance to own a retro piece of the old school Ambassador.

Used Ambassador 1

The seller of this Ambassador has not mentioned the odometer reading of the vehicle or how many owners has it seen. These things can be learnt easily by getting in touch with the seller itself if you are interested in the deal. To get in contact with the owner and know more details about the car, head here.