Luxurious DC Modified Toyota Innova for 5.95 lakh

Toyota Innova is a workhorse that can last for years without creating big issues. There are many such Innova MPVs that have done lakhs of kilometres without any problem. The older-generation Innova was not really a good looking vehicle, especially compared to the current version of the model. That’s why many customers turned to customisation and modification when it came to personal use and we all know how well DC Design executes that job. While buying a brand-new Innova Crysta and getting this transformation job may cost you a lot of money, here is a used version, which is going for only Rs 5.95 lakhs.

This is 2009 Toyota Innova MPV that is located in Delhi and for sale. However, the car is registered is Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The car looks like in an immaculate condition without any dents or scratches on it. The seller has mentioned that the vehicle has completed a total of 92,000 km on the odometer, which is not much, especially for a diesel car that can gobble up the kilometres without any problem.

On the outside, the Innova Crysta gets a new logo that replaces the original Toyota one. Also, gets additional body ki installed to the side that makes the MPV much bulkier in size. It also gets aftermarket bumpers in the front and rear and there are aftermarket tail lamps too.

Luxurious DC Modified Toyota Innova for 5.95 lakh

Most of the changes are inside the vehicle. You only get two captain seats in the rear that are electronically adjustable and look super comfortable too. You also get a host of features in the rear including an infotainment system and a massive television set. There are ambient lights all around the car and everything can be controlled through electronic buttons positioned all around. There is a small freezer too.

The rear occupants are separated from the driver’s cabin and both can interact through an intercom system. There are many such quirky features available with this DC Design modified Innova. These vehicles can be maintained at authorised Toyota dealerships like regular Innova. Even though this is an 11-year-old model, a test drive of the vehicle will tell you a lot about it. Also, check the service records reveal a lot on how it was maintained by the owner. If you are looking for more details and information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.