Used Land Rover Freelander2 for sale: CHEAPER than a Hyundai Venue

Luxury car market has gained popularity in India in the last couple of years. People who plan to buy a luxury car are opting for a used one rather than going for a new one mainly because of the price difference. Buying a brand new luxury car is definitely going to burn a hole in the pocket whereas if he or she plans buys a used one the price is very less. Here we have one such luxury car or a luxury SUV that is a used Land Rover Freelander2 that is selling at a price cheaper than a Hyundai Venue.

The advertisement has been put up by baba luxury car on their social media page. The car showcased here is a 2011 model and is silver in colour. The car from the picture looks scratchless and in great condition. The car is registered in Haryana. The car gets alloy wheels, projector type headlamps and looks premium. Just like the exterior, interior of the car also looks well maintained. The images show how neat and clean the interior of the car is. It gets leather seats, automatic gearbox, infotainment system, panoramic sunroof and so on.

Freelander 2 Used 1

The advertisement does not mention how many kilometres it has done on the odometer and the information about the owner is also not available here. The car here on sale is a diesel variant and gets a 2.2 litre engine that generates 188 Bhp of power and 420 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to an automatic transmission and is also capable of doing off-road activities. Asking price for this luxury SUV is Rs 10.45 lakh which is in fact cheaper than the top end trim of the Hyundai Venue.

Freelander 2 Used 2

One of the things that buyers should notice before buying is that this SUV is already 8+ year old and according to the new rule diesel vehicles do not have a life more than 10 years in Delhi NCR. However, buyers from some other state can get an NOC from the authorities and get it transferred to that particular state. This is also a big reason why older diesel powered luxury cars with Delhi and NCR registration plates are available at very affordable prices.

Luxury vehicles have a high cost of maintenance in comparison to the other cars. It always recommended to keep a good amount of money in your account if in case anything goes wrong. Always get the vehicle checked from an expert or a mechanic before making a final decision.