Used Lexus LX470 luxury SUVs selling at a fraction of their original cost


Lexus is known as a luxury brand and is especially famous for making muscular SUVs. They also make luxury sedans, coupes and made the legendary LFA ,which some people consider to be the best sounding car of all time. Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota who is known to be incredibly reliable. Lexus makes the LX series SUV, which first debuted in 1966 and is a premium version of the famous Land Cruiser. It all started with the LX450, then came the LX470 which was quite famous and was manufactured for almost a decade. The LX470 came with a 4.7-litre V8 diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission that drives all the four wheels. There are still quite a few LX470’s that you could buy in the pre-owned market for less than Rs. 25 lakhs which is a very appealing price for a luxury SUV that has also proven its reliability.

LX470 with 143,377 km

The first one on the list is a 1999 model and is white in colour. It has covered 143,377 km and is a fourth-owner vehicle. The description of the vehicle says that it has been well maintained and the Green Tax has also been paid. It is covered by Comprehensive insurance and the SUV is registered in Maharashtra. The seller also has the service history available with him, which is important while buying a pre-owned vehicle. The seller is asking Rs. 14.5 lakhs and you can get in touch with him by clicking here.

LX470 with 151,700 km

The second LX470 on our list is also white in colour and is a 1999 model. It is a third-owner vehicle and has covered 151,700 km. The SUV is located in Karnataka. The SUV looks pretty decent cosmetically considering it is 22 years old. It gets a flip key along with tan-brown interior. The seller is asking Rs. 15 lakhs and you can contact him by clicking here.

LX470 Petrol with 56,000 km

The third one on our list is a bit special. It is a 2005 model and is powered by a petrol V8 engine. The SUV is finished in Black and it looks like the owner has opted for a chrome delete because the chrome badging on the SUV is in Black. The LX470 has covered just 57,000 km and is covered by Comprehensive insurance. The SUV is located in Kerala and is registered in Maharashtra. It is a second-owner vehicle and gets after-market mods too. It comes with ARB front bumper, Profender suspension, bullet exhaust and K&N filter. The owner is demanding Rs. 23 lakhs and you can get more details by clicking here.

LX470 with 174,000 km

This LX470 is imported from UK and is a 2009 model. It is a first-owner vehicle and has covered 174,000 km. It is powered by a diesel engine and is grey in colour. The vehicle is located in Maharashtra. It comes with touchscreen entertainment system, all-terrain system, cruise control, LED tail lamps and is registered in Nagaland. The SUV is equipped with a new timing belt, engine oil, transmission oil, steering bush, engine belts, gearbox mountings and engine mounting. The engine oil and oil filter was also changed. You can get click here for more details as the seller is asking Rs. 18 lakhs.

LX470 Petrol with 62,000 km

This LX470 also comes with a petrol engine and it has covered 62,000 km. It is a second-owner vehicle and is imported to India. The vehicle is white in colour and is registered in Maharashtra. It is a 2003 model and looks like it is well maintained. The seller is asking Rs. 18 lakhs and you can contact the seller by clicking here.