Well-maintained used Mercedes Benz A-Class cheaper than Maruti Baleno

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the most affordable and the only hatchback from the brand in the Indian market. While it is a perfect daily car for many, the base price of more than Rs 25 lakh makes it out of reach for many. If you’re someone who wants to own a Mercedes-Benz A-Class without paying for the price of a new car, here is an option that is for sale in the used car market. This Mercedes-Benz A-Class is well-maintained and the asking price is lower than that of a Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Here are the details.

This is a Mercedes-Benz A-Class A180 CDI. It is a 2013 registered vehicle, which makes it about 7 years old. The car is located in Delhi but is registered in Uttar Pradesh. The exact RTO of registration is not known though. The seller has mentioned that the asking price of his Mercedes-Benz A-Class is only Rs 8.9 lakh, which makes it cheaper than a brand-new Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

The pictures uploaded by the seller show that the car is in pristine condition. It has completed a total of 55,000 km according to the odometer reading, which is not much at all. This white coloured Mercedes Benz A-Class A180 has no dents or scratches on the body and the seller has mentioned that the car is next to showroom condition. It is not mentioned if the service history of this vehicle is available too.

This came powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 108 Bhp and peak torque of 250 Nm. It gets an automatic transmission that powers the front wheels. Since it is a luxury hatchback, it gets a long list of features and it definitely feels much better to drive compared to any of the mass-segment hatchbacks available in that price. However, it should be noted that maintaining a luxury-branded vehicle is much more expensive to a mass segment car, especially a new car because the owner gets a lot of benefits like free services.

Also, it takes a lot more money to repair any damage that might happen to this car during an accident compared to a mass-segment car like Baleno. Other than that, the A-Class has a perfect size for overcrowded city roads and is a perfect vehicle for long highway runs too. For more details and information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.