360 Bhp, Used Mercedes Benz S-Class selling at a mouth watering price of Rs. 4 lakh

Some years ago, the National Green Tribunal ordered that petrol cars that are older than 15 years and diesel cars that are older than 10 years can no longer be run on roads in the National Capital Region. This led to the resale value of older cars falling very steeply, and people living in other parts of India have benefited as they have access to some wonderful cars at mouth watering prices. Here’s a prime example of this playing out.

2005 Mercedes Benz S Class Used 1

This Mercedes Benz S-Class from 2005 is selling for Rs. 4 lakh, which makes it a good option for those who can actually spend time and money to maintain such a car. The car has run just 38,000 Kms, and the seller even claims that he has a full service record to back this claim. It’s fully insured, and is in its original paintwork, which indicates that it has been well taken care of, at least on the outside, and that it hasn’t been involved in accidents. You may directly contact the seller through this link.

But what about the ban on old cars? Can I buy it and run in outside Delhi-NCR?

Petrol cars in Delhi older than 15 years can’t be run, and the same rule applies to diesel cars that are older than 10 years. However, these cars can be run in other parts of India where no such ban on old cars exists. And the seller is also offering a no-objection-certificate (NOC) from the Delhi RTO, which will allow this used Mercedes Benz S-Class to be registered in other parts of India.

2005 Mercedes Benz S Class Used 4

This Mercedes Benz S-Class is petrol powered and uses the 3.5 liter, naturally aspirated V6 engine that’s got a high reputation for reliability. This engine has powered a range of Mercedes Benz cars over the years, and sourcing spares is not difficult. The engine puts out 365 Bhp of peak power and 349 Nm of peak torque, and drives the rear wheels of the S-Class through a 7 speed torque converter automatic gearbox.

2005 Mercedes Benz S Class Used 3

Top speed is a very impressive 250 Kph, and the car can hit 100 Kph from standstill in about 7 seconds, which makes it very, very quick. This car was built in India through the semi-knocked down (SKD) kit route at  the former Tata-Mercedes Benz factory in Chikhali, off Pune. One things to watch out for in S-Class cars from this generation is the air suspension, which is known to fail after 10 years. Replacing air suspension alone can cost you a few lakhs. So, keep this in mind before considering this car.

2005 Mercedes Benz S Class Used 2