3 used, new-generation Maruti WagonRs for sale: CHEAPER than new

Maruti Suzuki WagonR, which was launched in an all-new avatar earlier this year has already gained quite a popular in the market. The all-new Maruti Suzuki WagonR is very practical because of its roomy cabin, which is why it becomes the first choice of many Indian families. The all-new WagonR has become larger in size than the outgoing model while offering a more powerful engine too. Well, there are quite a few all-new Maruti Suzuki WagonR hatchbacks on sale in the market. We have found a few less-driven and affordable versions of the car that are available in the market.

2019 Maruti Suzuki WagonR 1.2 ZXI

Asking price: Rs 5.4 lakhs

Wagonr 2

This is the top-end version of the Maruti Suzuki WagonR, which is up for sale in Gurugram, Haryana. The all-new hatchback here has completed a total of 5,000 km and from the pictures, we can see that it is in immaculate condition. However, we do strongly recommend to check the vehicle personally and inspect it thoroughly before buying. It gets powered by the 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and gets the 5-speed manual transmission. The vehicle is located in Faridabad and the interested buyers can contact the seller directly by clicking here. The asking price of Rs 5.4 lakh is quite cheap. Also, it gets the factory-warranty intact for a long period of time, which will make buying this vehicle a safe decision. You can contact the seller for more details.

Wagonr 1

2019 Maruti Suzuki WagonR 1.0 VXI

Asking price: Rs 5.4 lakhs

Wagonr 3

Even though this is the mid-level variant of the Maruti Suzuki WagonR and is powered by a less powerful 1.0-litre engine, the asking price of Rs 5.4 is similar to the car above. Still, it remains cheaper than buying a brand-new WagonR from the showroom. This white coloured Maruti Suzuki WagonR is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The vehicle has completed a total distance of only 2,100 km. The seller has mentioned that they are moving abroad, which is why they want to sell the vehicle so early. It gets powered by the 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine and gets a manual transmission. You can contact the seller directly for more details.

2019 Maruti Suzuki WagonR 1.0 VXI

Asking price: Rs 5.1 lakhs

Wagonr 4

This is the 2019 Maruti Suzuki WagonR for sale in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The car has covered a total of 7,000 km and it gets a few aftermarket accessories that we can see in the pictures. The vehicle’s exterior is also in good condition in the pictures that have been uploaded by the seller. The car is the VXI version and gets powered by a 1.0-litre engine. For more details, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.