Best used premium hatchbacks under Rs 3.5 lakh in Mumbai from CarToq TRUE PRICE

Commuting on your beloved two-wheeler is fine but Mumbai rains does play a spoil sport and makes things difficult to cope up with. You have longed to buy the right car, be it a hatchback that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will make your commute safe and hassle free. That too under the budget of Rs 3.5 lakh. But are there good options to choose from within your budget? And if you search on the used car sites, how do you choose among the hundreds of models across the hatchback segment on half a dozen websites.

Cartoq True Price Featured

Well, you are in luck. You could use the Cartoq TRUE PRICE to identify the best deals. Using a Machine Learning algorithm that our Data Science team built, we are able to estimate the TRUE PRICE of a used car accounting for all the car variations, including across variants. So with TRUE PRICE, you can compare apples with oranges – and then find the best among them. The best deals are those where the TRUE PRICE is higher than the listed price. We chose Mumbai to identify the best premium hatchback deals under Rs 3.5 lakh. The analysis was run on June 14, 2019, so if you are reading this article later, there is a very good chance that the cars listed here are sold.

But this list still provides some useful pointers even if these specific cars are not available to you.

• Ford and Hyundai cars dominate the options available in this category in Mumbai
• There is a good mix of diesel and petrol cars to choose from.

Here are the top recommendations.

Recommendation #1: Ford Figo Titanium 1.4 TDCi

Ford Figo Used 21

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 49,484 km/ List Price: Rs. 2,68,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 7,84,000

Why Buy: The Ford Figo is a nimble premium hatchback that is known to tick all the mandatory boxes. This car in specific is diesel powered and is currently with the second owner. Despite being used for over 7 years, the car has just clocked 49,484 kilometers which means it still has got good life left in it to continue for a good couple of years more. It is available in white colour.

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Recommendation #2: Hyundai i20 Asta 1.2 (O)

Hyundai I20 Used 2

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 23,048 km/ List Price: Rs. 3,25,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 8,06,000

Why Buy: The i20 is a car that set benchmark for cars in the premium hatchback segment in our country. This car in specific is 7 years old and has clocked just 23,048 kilometers. The car is with its second owner right now. It is powered by a petrol engine. We recommend you to kindly run a detailed check of the car before buying to be clear of all the minute technicalities.

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Recommendation #3: Hyundai i20 Asta 1.2

Hyundai I20 Used 3

Year: 2011 / Mileage: 63,358 km/ List Price: Rs. 2,25,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 7,20,000

Why Buy: Another i20 in the list. This car is powered with a petrol engine and with its first owner itself. The car is available in black colour and comes with a manual gearbox.

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Recommendation #4: Hyundai i20 Asta 1.2 (O) With Sunroof

Year: 2012 / Mileage: 43,000 km/ List Price: Rs. 3,24,700 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 8,06,000

Why Buy: The number 4 car in the list is also an i20. The car is covered under additional warranty. The selling price of the car is comparatively higher compared to the number of kilometres and the years the car has put in. It is with its second owner right now. The car is powered by a diesel engine.

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Recommendation #5: Hyundai Grand i10 ASTA 1.2

Hyundai Grand I10 Used

Year: 2014 / Mileage: 50,673 km/ List Price: Rs. 3,50,000 / Ex Showroom Price: Rs. 6,67,000

Why Buy: The last car on the list is from Hyundai. The car has seen a single owner till now and comes with mandatory papers like RTO service and returns. It is powered by a petrol engine and comes in grey color. With the odometer reading of just over 50K, the car still has a fair bit of life left.

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In Summary

The i20 was first off the blocks to set the standard for premium hatchbacks in India. So it’s not surprising that the i20 offers most options in the used car market. It’s been almost a decade now ever since the car has made its appearance in Indian market. And that means pretty good options well under your budget of Rs 3.5 lakh. The Ford Figo is no less either. The Figo is a durable car that has stood the test of time.