Used Range Rover Evoque SUVs priced under Rs. 20 lakh

The used Indian market is gaining popularity in India especially pre-owned luxury cars. Almost every luxury manufacturer’s car is now available in the pre-owned market. Having said that the most famous vehicles are SUVs. The trend of SUVs is going strong throughout the world. People are preferring SUVs over sedans and premium hatchbacks. In India, luxury SUVs have entered the pre-owned market. One of the most popular luxury SUV is the Range Rover Evoque.. It is also considered to be one of the best looking SUVs. Here, we have three Range Rover Evoques that are currently selling for around Rs. 20 lakhs in the pre-owned market.

2012, Range Rover Evoque, 77,000 km

The first Evoque on our list is a November 2012 model that has covered 77,000 km on its odometer. The SUV is registered in Haryana and is a second-owner vehicle. It is covered by Comprehensive type insurance and is powered by a diesel engine that is mated to an automatic transmission. The vehicle is finished in white colour with the roof painted in black which is one of the best colours for the Evoque. The cabin of this Evoque is finished in beige and black colour. From the pictures, the SUV seems in a good condition without any dents. However, you might need to change the tyres soon. The Seller is asking Rs. 20.5 lakhs for the SUV and you can get in touch with him by clicking here.

2013, Range Rover Evoque, 1,05,000 km

The second one on our list is a September 2013 model that has covered 1,05,000 km. It is a third-owner vehicle that is covered by third-party insurance. The vehicle is registered in Chandigarh and the advertisement says that the service history of the SUV is also available. This Evoque is finished in a single-tone white colour which means the roof is also finished in white but it does come with a floating roof design because all the pillars are finished in black. From the pictures, the SUV does look pretty well maintained. Having said that, it has covered 1,05,000 km which are quite a lot so you must check the SUV properly before buying it or you can hire an expert who can check the vehicle for you. This SUVs cabin is also finished in dual-tone black and beige interior. This one also comes with a diesel engine that is mated to an automatic transmission. The seller is asking Rs. 19.5 lakhs for this Range Rover Evoque and you can contact him by clicking here.

2012, Range Rover Evoque, 1,20,000 km

The last one on our list is a 2012 Range Rover Evoque that has covered 1,20,000 km. Because it has covered so many kilometres we suggest that you get it checked by an expert technician before buying. This is because repairing luxury SUVs can take a lot of money as parts and repairs are expensive. This is a second-owner vehicle that is registered in Pondicherry. It is finished in a beautiful red colour with black pillars and a red roof. The alloy wheels and outside rearview mirrors of the SUV are also finished in black. The interior of the SUV is finished in red and black colour. Overall, the SUV does look sporty because of its colour. The seller is asking Rs. 20 lakhs and you can get more details by clicking here.