Less-used Land Rover Range Rover Vogue for sale: CHEAPER than Jeep Compass

Land Rover Range Rovers have remained the ultimate luxury SUVs for a long time in the market. The Range Rover SUVs are iconic and have been around for decades now. Even though there are many who would want to own a Range Rover, the extremely high import taxes make them out of reach for many. Well, here is a Range Rover in a great condition and it is for sale in the used car market. The seller is asking for Rs 23 lakhs only, which makes it cheaper than many cars in the mid-size SUV segment including a Jeep Compass.

The car seller has mentioned that this is a 2011 model and it is located in Delhi. The deep blue colour of this Range Rover V8 makes it extremely eye-catchy and makes it look very premium. There are multiple pictures of the SUV from all around and we could not spot any dent or scratch on the body. However, it is always a better idea to scrutinise the vehicle in person before making a decision. The pictures also indicate that the car gets multispoke aftermarket alloy wheels that make the car look extremely good. The red brake callipers add the sporty touch to the car. Even the cabin looks very clean and seems like it has been recently polished and cleaned.

This is powered by a TDV8 diesel engine. The seller has not mentioned the odometer reading but these engines are made for life and can lakhs of kilometres without any problem. This is the most powerful version of the Range Rover powered by a diesel engine in its time. The power comes from a massive 4.4-litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates a massive 308 Bhp and peak torque of 700 Nm. It gets an automatic transmission. The seller has also not provided any insurance or service details of the car but that can be accessed from the owner or the seller directly.

Even though this car is cheaper than a Jeep Compass, it will require a lot of money for maintenance and servicing when compared to the Jeep. Since the car is 9 years old, it may require a new critical part, which might be very expensive. This is why one should check the luxury cars thoroughly before making a decision. For more details and information, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.