3 used Suzuki Hayabusa Superbikes for sale with prices starting from just 4 lakh

Owning a bigger capacity sports bike or an adventure tourer motorcycle is a dream for almost all the motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. One of the popular sports bike that many of us would have had a poster on our wall was Suzuki’s Hayabusa. It is so popular bike among motorcyclists that everyone aspires to buy it one day. As in the case with other sports bikes, Hayabusa is also an expensive motorcycle. A new one easily costs over 13 lakh, ex-showroom but, like in the case with cars, these motorcycles are also available in the used bike market. Here we have three such well kept Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle that are being sold half the price of a new one.

Suzuki Hayabusa – 2007

The first advertisement is from Delhi’s Pratap Nagar. The Hayabusa seen in the image is a 2007 model motorcycle. It gets dual tone paint job which looks extremely look on the bike. The motorcycle looks in good condition from the pictures and no major dents or scratches were seen on the bike. The bike has around 28,000 kms on the odometer according to the ad. The asking price for this 2007 model Suzuki Hayabusa is Rs 4.65 lakh. Interested buyers can directly get in touch with the seller of this bike by clicking here.

Suzuki Hayabusa – 2006

The second Hayabusa is from Ludhiana, Punjab. This again is a well maintained motorcycle. Just like the first from Delhi, it also gets a dual tone paint job of red and black. The alloy wheels get golden paint job too. The bike looks in good condition with no major scratches or dents on it. The bike is a 2006 model Suzuki Hayabusa that has done approximately 23,000 kms. The asking price for this sports bike is Rs 4.29 lakh. Interested buyers can get in touch with the seller by clicking here.

Suzuki Hayabusa – 2007

This is again a 2007 model Hayabusa which is put on sale by a seller from Bengaluru, Karnataka. The bike has done almost 40,000 kms on the odometer according to the ad. The bike looks in great condition and the advertisement also says that the owner has recently serviced the motorcycle. The asking price for this well kept motorcycle is Rs 5.25 lakh. Interested buyers can directly get in touch with the seller by clicking here.

Suzuki Hayabusa is a dream bike for many bike enthusiasts. What stops them from buying this bike is the hefty price tag. The used bike market gives them an opportunity convert their dreams into reality by providing these motorcycles at an attractive price. One thing that you should keep in mind while buying these expensive sports bikes are that apart from one time cost of buying the motorcycle, there are lot of other costs involved in it. For example, the cost of servicing the motorcycle is much more expensive than your regular motorcycle.

If you plan to use it regularly, the cost of running this motorcycle for an year would be roughly around 1.1 lakh. Suzuki is currently not selling Hayabusa in India as the 1340-cc, in-line four cylinder of the bike is not updated to the Euro 4 or latest BS6 emission norms. They only brought limited units to India and all of them have already been sold out.