Used Tata Harrier with just 240 Kms on the odometer for sale at a HEFTY discount

Every other day, a Tata Harrier is landing on the various online car classified sites in India. And most of these Harriers are barely used. That’s not surprising considering the fact that the SUV was launched by Tata Motors in January this year. What is surprising though is this 240 kilometer run Tata Harrier, in XM trim, selling at Rs. 15.25 lakhs. Comparing the price of this used SUV to a brand new Tata Harrier XM, we can clearly see that the almost new example is selling at a hefty discount of Rs. 2 lakhs. A brand new example in Kalyan is priced at Rs. 17.23 lakhs, and there’s a waiting period of a few weeks for the XM trim depending on the Tata dealer you go to. The used example is particularly attractive considering the massive savings of Rs. 2 lakh, and of course the zero waiting time. It makes sense for those in a hurry. Check it out here!

Tata Harrier Used 1

But should you be in a hurry?

Nope, not at all. While buying a used car, it’s always advisable to take it slow and steady, no matter how attractive the deal may seem to be. It’s very easy to get scammed while rushing into a used car purchase, which is why you need to take reasonable precautions while making such a large purchase in the used car market. Firstly, you need to figure why the owner is selling this particular used Harrier so early in its life cycle. There could be many reasons. From relocation to a job loss or a business failure, or even the fact that a used car could be a lemon (defective). We’ve even seen cases where owners simply don’t like a car days after purchase, and choose to sell it off rather than living with it for years. Dealers shutting down dispose stock at low prices. Demo/display cars also sell for cheap.

So, what you the customer should do is, ask the owner why he or she is selling the vehicle and try to cross verify it with dealership sources. By cross verifying, we mean checking dealership records of the vehicle and also running a quick insurance check to see if there have been any claims on the vehicle. Once the SUV turns out to be clean on these fronts, you need to take an experienced mechanic along and go for a longish test drive in the vehicle. Experienced mechanics will usually be able to pick up signs of a damaged car or a car that does not drive well.

Tata Harrier Used 2

Putting the vehicle on the ramp for underbody and chassis inspection is also critical. Nowadays, mechanics even measure paint consistency with hand held tools to see if one or more panels have been repainted. If the vehicle passes these tests, you can then try to negotiate with the owner for a lower price or settle at the price he/she has quoted initially depending on your budget. Finally, do seriously consider opting for the 5 year/unlimited kms optional extended warranty that Tata Motors now offers for the Harrier at Rs. 25,000. This warranty package is like insurance. We suggest you don’t skip it.

Coming abck to the vehicle itself, the Harrier XM is second trim level from bottom, and is big on value. The SUV gets a stereo, twin airbags, ABS, power windows, power steering and other essentials. It’s powered by a 2 liter Fiat Multijet turbocharged diesel engine with 170 Bhp-350 Nm on tap. A 6 speed manual gearbox is standard and so is a front wheel drive layout. The Tata Harrier is sturdily built and spacious. It looks good and has great street presence on the road, especially in white.